So Linux and Open Source are Bad Business?

Not stable products, only good for hippies and stingy freaks. Well … I’ve got 34 billion billion, not million! – reasons that say otherwise.

Hmmm, hmmmm … as one of the aforementionend hippies and freaks Orca doesn’t really know what to think of the “good” news. Is it really good to give so much power into the hands of a commercial giant, are they going to fuk is over and rape us from behind?

Nobody has the answer yet

I’m quite sure there are some people who know what it’s all about and what’s the long term gameplan. But these people are not at freedom to say. No wonder, they are all office drones from the land of the free, tee hee. 😉

But without knowing or even wanting to know the business side of that little dealio we just witnessed, I can tell you that there will be no negative impact on our private homely Linux installs on our private hardware. IBM, Intel, Microsoft, yes, they are mighty and strong and they are the ones behind the Linux kernel code. But that one will be free and stay free, like, forever! Not even the big bullies can change that.

On top of the kernel sit the distros, which are made and maintained by private projects. Keyword here is private. And as long as  you’re not going with any official Ubuntu spin, Red Hat Linux (RHEL) or openSUSE, you’re save from corporations meddling with your software. You software will be yours! So will be your computer, contrary to when you’re sporting Windows or MacOS.

So let’s have fun with our Mint, Manjaro, MX, Debian, Elementary, Zorin and Solus distros. No fukn millionaire or faceless equity firm can ever lay their greedy hands on it!



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