“I’ve even given copies of Manjaro to … beginners!”

That, my friends, was a direct quote from Spatry’s latest video, which you wanna watch nownow:

Ok, as much as I love Spatry’s bubbly personality I guess he leaned a bit too far out the window with that statement. Not saying it’s not possible for bloddy Linux n00bs to use Manjaro as their first distro. I think if they can pull it off, all the power and much respect for them. But it’s usually not the recommended system for absolute ungeeky beginners.

I wrote about it before, there is a difference between Linux n00bs, and ppl with lots of experience on Windows and/or MacOS which will meet a shallower learning curve than people who mostly compute by the numbers. 😉 And for the second group, most my fellow housewifes, a start with a super nice and friendly distro, like Mint for example, is pretty much preferable.

Are you up to something good? Grab your Manjaro installation file from here.

For the small rest I recommend Manjaro too.

Anyhoo, Manjaro 18 has just officially been released, containing all the newest softwares and the brand new Kernel 19. And like with Mint in the Ubuntu based world, so it is with Manjaro in the Arch-based world. They tamed the beast and made it usable by human beings. Very much usable, even easily and joyfully usable.

Oooooh, this is exciting! Expect a review very soon-ish.

So girls, the very few who are already on Linux, how about giving Manjaro a try, how about upgrading your system, your computing life, your self?



  1. What, 4 likes, no comments? So I assume y’all installed Manjaro 18 now and are over the moon happy with it. Right? Congratz girls. I told you this ain’t a problem for clever goddesses. You can thank me later, now it’s time to impress on your significant others first. You know, that grunting guy who wanted to set you up on shitty Ubuntu … or worse, who’d set you up on Win10. And you know how that ended. 😦


    • I really consider Manjaro as the Ubuntu of the Arch world, Fred. Unfortunately it’s very buggy and kinda slow on the Mate spin. That’s why I was so happy to have found Namib. But now since a few updates ago I can’t open the Namib Settings Manager. :/


  2. […] Manjaro XFCE: Whoa, scary! 😮 But haven’t we just seen Spatry recommending the mighty Manjaro as a beginner’s distro a couple days ago? Yes, we did, and I can concure with Spatters and Tom to a degree. If you’re not, like, totally stupid you can use Manjaro as a beginner. Also they use Xfce as their main flavour and so they made it really nice. Well, as nice as possible. […]


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