Two Stories About America

I have been suspiciously quiet lately, haven’t I? Enough. It’s time to stir the shit again, and, oh boy, there is some shit to stir! See  for yourself:

We all know the answer, right?

Profit! Cool. American problem, not my call to get involved in their shit. The second piece otoh is much closer to real important reality, it’s about my planet, the fukn sphere I’m trying to live on. Can we please do that in peace and quiet without fukn meddling by American mega corps and sociopathic politicians?

Not just Europe, the whole fukn globe must rebel!



  1. Trump isn’t arrogant. He’s actually mentally ill. I can’t imagine many in his administration agree with a reduction in arms control, but if any do, I no idea what their agenda is. Trump has no agenda except to undo everything Obama did and bend over and spread ’em for anybody with big $$. Hopefully big changes are coming in a few days with our general election. If the democrats manage to gain majority control, they will begin to undo everything the maniac has done.

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    • “Trump isn’t arrogant. He’s actually mentally ill.”
      What about both? Like criminally insane?

      “Hopefully big changes are coming in a few days with our general election.”
      Dream on, dreamer. From what we hear in the outside world, they managed to torpedo themselves and guaranteed a win for Trump.

      “If the democrats manage to gain majority control, they will begin to undo everything the maniac has done.”
      For all the wrong reasons. I don’t trust them any farther than the reps. And now, oy vey, look what you made me do! Spouting my personal opinion again, despite my claim to stay clear off American politics. 😮


    • All the experts say Trump’s win is guaranteed. Not because he’s the best thing since stainless roast potatoes in tubes but because the fukn dems mucked their shite up so badly.

      Oh, btw, wubby Sammel to your fortnightly check-in with my bloggo.


    • Didn’t the Canucks extend the period of welcoming American refugees anymore? And getting into Mexico is becoming kinda hard now with that wall and all the army n stuff there. You should’ve reacted immediately and not some years after the fact, Lez.

      Is the same with my parents. When I asked them why they didn’t pack their shit and left Germany when Hitler “won the elections” in 1933, they said the same: No money, no means, and they both were kids at the time and anyway … how bad can it be, right? Of course the inevitable Fuuuuk! moment came a while later and they were still put on the receiving end of all the unpleasantries, My dad’s dad ended up unemployed and in jail for refusing to divorce his jewish wife, my dad not allowed to join the Hitler Youth, and later the military, for being a bastard half-jew … which saved his life, since half his class mates met an early end in Stalingrad while he was a forced worker, building bunkers, and had a fair chance to survive British and American air raids.

      Well, being a jew in the USA won’t get you into trubbelz these days. At least not in America. Being American otoh makes you highly suspicious for your neighbours tho. :/

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  2. Yeah, we’re not 25 anymore. It would be VERY hard to just pack up and leave. Wow, what a historical tale of horror involving Hitler and that nightmare. Holy shit! Well, it’s a little better for Jews these days in America. Except for, as you know, Pittsburgh just now, and don’t forget the crazies marching over a year ago chanting, “Jews will not replace us.” Still, someone could be walking down the street probably, unless they were Orthodox, and no one could actually identify them as Jewish. My husband and I, on the other hand, are ethnic, my husband especially. Once the orangutan got elected president and the “Go back to your own country” started with anyone who wasn’t the color of snow, hubby said if anyone even approached him with an attitude, they were getting the shit beat out of them. On the one hand, that was scary, ’cause who knows how it’ll end up, but on the other hand I was like, “Yeah, you probably should.” If someone told him to “go back to his own country”–which is THIS country–I’d probably end up joining in! A lot of rage and anger going around. And paranoia. If feels like the beginning of what Germany turned into and what your folks went through. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Just hoping people come to their senses.

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    • “Just hoping people come to their senses.”

      Orca with a bad imitation of Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher facial expression: “Really?”


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