The World Sailing Show – Nov 2018

Let’s start with a little snippet I copybastard from Jane’s Metaverse Sailing blog, in order to moisturize your sailing taste buds:

The warning horn sounds, and your thoughts come back to the moment, the task at hand. You turn your face to the wind, glancing port and starboard at the gaggle of familiar skippers joining you from disparate points across the tiny world we all share. For this one day, this moment, you are at peace.

Your mind clears and your muscles limber as your gaze fixes on the horizon. You are a sailor. You are one with all the start line skippers from all the countries and cultures and classes that surround you now. It’s no accident, mystery, or mistake; a million years of evolution on a water-covered world has brought you to this point. Now, like so many generations of sailors before you, you realize there is only one idea, one small word that has value or meaning. That single word holds the power to unlock the future beyond the horizon, and nothing else matters. A faint, familiar gun goes off, and with pride and determination, and the steely confidence you can handle whatever happens next, you join with your fellow sailors and chant: RAISE!

Jane Fosset @2009

Oooookay … START!

November’s hot topics are …

0:46 How to fly a 32m tri – Gitana 17 explained

18:29 Southern Ocean rescue – Golden Globe drama

07:41 52 Super Series – The final showdown

06:19 World Cup Series – First taste of Enoshima

17:34 Extreme Sailing Series – Top dogs toppled in San Diego

21:09 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

WSS1811This month the biggest and most powerful offshore sailing machines in the world prepare to rise up out of the water as they take to hydrofoils for the 40th anniversary of the single-handed Route du Rhum transatlantic race. We step aboard Gitana 17 to find out how to fly a 32m trimaran, alone. The bar has been raised inshore too as a new global racing circuit for 50knot foiling cats is unveiled. We get behind the scenes with the top 52 Super Series team and take in the spectacular scenery at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Sardinia. Plus, a double rescue drama in the Southern Ocean, competition that goes down to the wire in Japan and San Diego and plenty more.



  1. Thanks Orca for your quote from the old Mowry Sprints Races held a decade ago. 🙂
    Back then nearly all sailors raced aboard FlyingTakos; there weren’t many other options.

    Well, that’s all changed.:-)

    Now there’s a rather tremendous diversity of realistic and intuitive boat designs that commonly sail across the virtual waterways of SecondLife. It’s hard to chose a favorite, That means it’s a great time for a boat show! I can’t wait to see the vessels showcased on the dock! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • JAAAANE!!!! \o/ Fancy to see you here! So cool.

      How you doin’ these days, why not in SL anymore? Or are you? I’m not on very often and hardly get anything about inworld activities. I think sailing is kinda dead, the good old forum definately is … and the new one, pfff, not really a hub of activity neither. So I doubt anyone will organize a trade fair for sailboats. :/

      Ya, Takos were fun to sail, as long as you had a good connection and not too much latency. :/ I’m still sitting on all of Saxxon’s custom hull designs, Ophelia’s sails and some other sailmaker’s designs as well and have at least 30 – 40 readily customized boats in my invent. Should rez them out some time. 🙂


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