Second Life Newnesses!

This just came in from the former owl, now bunny, Daniel Voyager:

Daniel knows best!

Aha … no wait. Wot? 72 Woolongs is exactly what we all pay … since years. So what’s so exciting now?

50% off your first month? :/

Yikes! 😮 That’s all sorts of boring and uninteresting. If we can count on something with The Lab it’s their unfailing ablity to disappoint with half-arsed solutions and useless offers. And btw, what do they mean with 50% off the first month? I’m paying annually, fuksakes! Aaand how do I claim the 1000  Woolong sing-up bonus pleez? Downgrade to free account and then sign-up again?

Oh, and this I just received from The Lab directly:


Underwhelming as usual. :/


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