Perhaps Your New SL Machine?

Ohayo, my upwardly mobile SL fellows and fellerinas!

Look, little Orcsi found a nice looking (?), powerful (?) and priceworthy komputah for you today. See, I’m always looking out for you, trying to find the bestest dealios for y’all:

Hear that? Versions with more oomph are available, as well as a choice of AMD and Intel hardwares. Is that coolio or what? Oh, and the mostest importantestest: Of course it’ll run Linux!!!


Dmitri kinda liked the Legion C530 as well:

Look, he even made a comparison between this readymade system or when you DIY:


So yes, of course you can have this system for a bit cheaper. But not by much, and not with the same funky case. I guess this is a worthwile offer by Lenovo. Of course it’s not a professional ThinkCentre but the Legion gamercentric gear are not bad products like their consumer line.


Hm, stupid me, just noticed we had this machine in the blog already a while ago. Obviously took a while for the review item to make the circuit from Dmitri to Lon. :/ Nevertheless me’s not gonna delete everything now but couldn’t withhold Lon’s review from you, right?

Now my personal conclusion that you better read and take to heart, as you know I tend to be correct about such stuffz. 🙂 So you know: As I’ve already said you can easily buy all the components for a similar system and save some dough. Not much tho. And you’d have to deal with the typical problems of a self-assembled build. Warrantee is for each and every part on its own, not for the whole system. Remember when my motherboard fuked up a couple times in a row? How I had to dismantle the machine and take out the fukn board to bring it in Gigabyte’s service center. And that one is even close by our home. Just imagine you’d lived in some remote place in the icey Siberian tundra or the swamps of Louisiana, what a fukn hassle it’d be to deal with that shite. To have one machine, one responsible manufacturer/dealer is much more convenient, no?

And then you aren’t walled in with the Legion C530/C730 neither. You can swap out all the components later, from the CPU and cooling solution via RAM, PSU and, very important, the GPU! So if you’re a bit on the broke side right now, 870 Woolong is very affordable for such a capable starting point. It’s good to keep you happy in Second Life for a while, at least much happier than a stinkin’ laptop of the same price range.

And let’s not forget, this ain’t just a PC for stupid gamer kiddos but makes a very competent production machine as well. The look is nicely industrial rather than garishly gamerish.

Of course the form factor and styling of the case is a matter of taste, but it looks very well done and nicely constructed. I kinda like the cube-ish shape with the handle … either to take your new Lenovo to lan parties or to throw it in the rubbish bin. 🙂

Hey, when you purchase this machine please let your fellow blogreaders know how it’s treating you. And if you’re happy with it, don’t forget to shoot me a beer lemon squash.



  1. You had me at “komputah.” Lol! Some of those parts look like something John Titor went back in time for. That being said, I probably shouldn’t comment if I have nothing knowledgeable to add to this VERY techie discourse!! Still…what is a lemon squash?

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    • “I have nothing knowledgeable to add to this VERY techie discourse!!”
      And that’s exactly where little Orcsi enters the scene and spreads enlightenment for all her fellow housewifes. I know most of y’all are treating your ‘puterz like household appliances, so I’m trying to get you all on the right boat. Just trust me: If you need a new calculating machine and your budget is at around 900 Woolong, than this Lenovo is a good, reasonable choice. It won’t make sense to pay much less and settle for Acer, HP, Fujitsu or similar riff raff. They’ll disappoint in the long term. Likewise when buying a laptop in the same price range. You’ll get something good but …
      Generally speaking: A desktop computer, capable of satisfying gaming/virtual world experiences will set you back at least 800 quid … when self assembled,1000 and more when prebuilt. Laptops wil be more expensive and lose value much faster.
      That’s the sad reality.

      “lemon squash?”
      Hmm, like so …

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  2. Gotcha. We don’t need any new computers right now, but I’m definitely gonna bookmark this post for the future, ’cause even though hubby wears the komputah pants in our house, if I tossed around some of the things I learned here at him, he’d be WAY impressed, wonder if I was on drugs, wonder if I was a stranger impersonating his wife, ask when I had the time to find all this out, then maybe finally, much later, accept that I have my own mysterious ways of gaining knowledge and that, no, I’m not COMPLETELY indifferent about computers, computer brands, computer efficiency and how to attain that. Only PARTLY indifferent. But not RIGIDLY indifferent. So…thanks!
    As for the lemons………….gotcha! I’m jealous. L.A. used to be, back in the ’30s and earlier, full of orange groves. One of my favorite authors, Nathanael West, wrote about early L.A., and it’s kinda fascinating. But most of our oranges are gone now, so…..many happy and future returns on the lemons in your yard!
    Nature will find a way to survive, despite us humans!

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    • “hubby wears the komputah pants in our house”

      Noooo! Please noo, dear god, noooooo!!!
      Men are the last people one should trust with such a delicate task as computer maintenance. They lack the necessary patience and deeper understanding. Fukn troglodytes are only good to work on heavy machinery with their little hammers and powertools and a lot of dirt and grunting, And, oh yes, they are supposed to carry the trash out. That’s it! In our house hubby sits at his desk with his old laptop while I occupy the study with 3 desktop machines and a smallish netbook … all on Linux.
      Come on, Stacey, as a blogger you know about these things. You probably do more brain- and office work in a day than your hubby does in a year. So in the realm of office machinery you are supposed to be the mistress of it all, not your useless man!

      “Nature will find a way to survive, despite us humans!”

      Oh yes, it will!

      Unfortunately the South African Cape region isn’t really a tropical paradise. It’s mostly warm and fair weather, good for fruit and wine cultivation, but citrus fruits are usually not endemic here. And with the droughts as of lately our little citrus tree in its container grows more sad from year to year. 😦 And I too listend to hubby’s advice to prune it and now it also looks like shit. So far only one citrus has survived the gestation process and is growing to a usable size.

      “indifferent about computers”

      Huh? There’s no such thing. Far as I know my English ‘indifferent’ translates to “meh’ or ‘fuk do I care’. Nobody can help with that. It’s the kitchen appliance way of treating one’s machinery. Dangerous when it’s about komputahz! The machines are really just that, stupid machines, and we expect them to work. But they contain our personal and work data of various grades of importance and therefor need to be protected and maintenanced. That’s why I’m always in favour of paying a bit more and receive quality hardware in return. In the case of Lenovo it’s even cheaper when you buy second hand machinery as it’s phased out of professional usage. And that’s also why I recommend the use of GNU/Linux operating systems, since they will keep your machine and data as save as possible with the least amount of work. Plus they are fun environments to work in! Plus you will look like a bonafide girl geek when you sneer at the poor WinApple consumer sheeples. 🙂

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      • “Noooo! Please nooo, dear god, noooo!” Lol……….! Oh, my God, Orca–can I call you Orca?—You do NOT want to know truth about me and technology. You just don’t. Your contempt might reach such heights that you will not be able to breathe. Or you could just have pity for me, instead, maybe. But, yeah. You are obviously the computer queen in your household. Your hubby’s lucky, and my hubby would LOVE YOU if he met you. He has to explain EVERYTHING to me. I’ve stopped asking questions because I know I’m driving him insane. And then I slowly began to figure things out for myself. VERY SLOWLY. I’m better with words. More right-brained. Not so great with left brain/problem solving. Hubby was actually really impressed when I put my website together–he had NO FAITH that I would be able to pull it off, due solely to our history together. But WordPress is actually pretty hands-on when it comes to that, so no biggie. He really IS the computer brains. He built a computer from almost scratch many years ago. He just put together a new one recently and added gaming cards and features and more memory and special backup and fans, etc, etc, etc, etc. He used to be on Second Life. That’s how I knew about it.

        “But they contain our personal and work data of various grades of importance and therefor need to be protected and maintenanced.”

        Yeah, yeah, and yeah! And only recently have I learned how to go into settings, do the backup by hand if it failed for some reason, erase cookies, address updates (when I see them; he usually just does them for me), clear out the cache (sometimes; when I remember), and do both quick and full scans. Just the thought of those hackers that can get in, take all your files and then demand an ACTUAL RANSOM for you to get your files back makes my paranoia meter shoot to Mars and back. OH MY GOD. We would NOT be able to pay the ransom!!! And all my notes for my books series are in there. So apart from keeping up with the Norton and Malwarebites and whatever else we have, I guess keeping everything separately on a thumb drive works too. In case the computer explodes. Or the files are kidnapped. Or an EMP hits the earth–oh, well, in that case, we’ll NEVER get anything back, will we?!

        Sorry for blabbing so much.
        Just had to set the story straight, lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        • “can I call you Orca?”
          It’s my avie’s name in SL, and since this blog once started as a Sailing in SL blog, and most my readers are probably active SL residents, I’m still going by that name. My RL name is Wiebke, a typical northern German/Frisian name. But nobody knows Wiebke and she has an absolutely poor social networking status, compared to the “famous” loudmouth Orca.

          “Just had to set the story straight, lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          It’s the typical story I hear all the time. And when I hear all those things, settings, backup, cookies, address updates, clear out cache, scans, hackers, ransom, Norton, malware … my head spins and I become afraid, and angry. See, I don’t do or worry about any of these things. Still I’m 1000% more saverer than you on your Windows box! But of course I store all my data on external drives. Never in the cloud but on real existing external hard drives and USB sticks. I don’t run any anti-virus software since that stuff is snake oil, if you’re lucky or even downright dangerous.

          I really do wonder why not more ppl are joining the Linux community particularly wimmin folk, old geysers and toddlers and other untechy peeps.

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            • Why Eeeek! *shrug*? 🙂 Stacey? Both reactions are kinda wrong. Instead take your fate into your own hands, get Linux Mint, install the shit on your hardware and become awesomely gorgeous instantly. And in a matter of some weeks you’ll look down at your former self as a Microslave. 😉
              Just make sure to use a disposable computing machine, and don’t even touch your recent production engine! You need that one for joining the minty forum and the inevitable calls for help! As long as you’re basically an illiterate on Linux, you NEED to, you MUST stand with one foot in Windows land!

              Know what? I’m kinda feeling like writing yet another How To, just with your special case in mind. But you’ve gotta respond and torture me with all your questions. Remember there ain’t such a thing as ‘stupid questions’ and we’ll be fine. 😉


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  3. Okay, hold on, hold on. Gotta look into it before I say anything else. Problem is it’s low priority on my list of STUFF. You know? So much going on here. Not enough time to do any of it. But you’re very passionate about it, so…I WILL look into it. Just need…some…time………

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    • “it’s low priority on my list of STUFF.”
      Your future should be high priority.Think about all the time and stress you’ll be saving. 😉

      “You know?”
      No,not really. All I see is a woman with enuff time on her hands to browse the most insignificant blog in the history of ever on a daily base. Thx galore btw, but it tells me your life can’t be THAT hectic. AmIRight?

      “you’re very passionate about it”
      Yeah, that I am. What’s that got to do with anything?

      “so…I WILL look into it.”
      Don’t do it on my behalf, hun. I’m good. Do it for you! Be selfish! That’s the best and only reason to switch to Linux. You’ve got nothing to prove! To anybody!

      “Just need…some…time………”
      Yeah, kinda 10 minutes for the download, another couple mins to burn the ISO file onto a DVD. And, yeah, depending on your location, half an hour up to a couple days to get down to the goodwill store and get some old – but not too old – craptop.


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  4. Okay, so the lowdown is: I see why you’re so passionate about Linux. It’s open source, and you guys can read each other’s code, right? And that’s also the reason why viruses and other evils don’t work with this system and you don’t need the safety nets Windows people do.

    But 1. We’re not switching our system right now or spending $$ on another laptop, thrift shop used or not.
    2. If someone’s passionate about something, it matters to at least give it a brief study in order not to just brush them off
    3. So not doing it for *you*; I don’t even know you! 🙂
    4. Do you have a camera in my house? How do you know how hectic my life is or not? LOL! It takes about 5 to 15 minutes for me to peruse the handful of bloggers I know. LMAO
    5. Da truth in a nutshell! But I appreciate your willingness to help, mz. Orca. Thanks ! 🙂

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    • “you guys can read each other’s code, right?”
      Guess I could … but then I wouldn’t. I have not the faintest idea about all that geeky stuff, wouldn’t have the intellectual capacity for it. Blogging about Linux for SL-playing housewifes, is what I do.

      “I don’t even know you! 🙂”
      You readered my bloggo, didn’t you? So you know me as intimate as one could ever get to know me. Hmmm, perhaps my hubby knows me a bit betterer, but apart from that you’re in my circle. 🙂 Yes, I am indeed that shallow. :/

      “Do you have a camera in my house?”
      I’d never! Even if I had the technical expertise, my integrity would put an end to my illegal home invasion, I’m not the fukn NSA! I’m better than those fascist infowarriors.

      “How do you know how hectic my life is or not? LOL!”
      Here: “So much going on here. Not enough time to do any of it.” So I just assumed you might be time pressed.

      “It takes about 5 to 15 minutes for me to peruse the handful of bloggers I know. LMAO”
      That’s quick! Superfast on almost hectic American level. You got some ad-financed home-shopping channel running in the background on your kitchen TV, while you’re drinking coffee, spread the peanut jelly on your toast and roll your eyes at the scandalous clothes of your teenage dochta before sending her off to school?


      … and then install Linux and become calm on almost yogi-like levels. 😉

      (Yes, I was watching way too many stupid family sitcoms in my youth)

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  5. Yeah, I’m telling you, flying blind with the blogging and stuff. Got a handful I follow, a handful that follows me. No idea how to attract readers. Same with marketing the book, all the stuff you’re supposed to do. Who the hell has the time? I work 8 1/2 hours a day till 10:30 at night! Reeeeelax and then…Linux. Sounds like “Calgon…take me away!” Did you guys have that bath commercial? And yes, I am getting to know you, and you are very, very funny. :@

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    • Sorry, can’t help you with commercial knowledge since we gave our TV to our maid many many years back. Even before that it was just collecting dust and never being watched. We get all our audio-visual entertainment from the rather shady parts of the interwebz, as well as all our political information. TV is numbing one down and steals our precious time!

      No idea how to attract readers? Hmm, I never tried to attract readers, it’s not part of my immediate mission statement to attract readers. But since I’ve added the option to Follow this blog I’ve noticed a more or less steady flow of awesome ppl, like you for example, handing over their soul to me. 😉

      Allow me one remark about time, please, before I shut up: Life is short. Incredibly short. We all got more or less the same time available for us, it’s just a question of how to use this time. Some ppl work their @$$es off while others sit at home, scribbling nonsensical blogs. Hubby’s and mine long-term goal was to be on the road permanently. Get a good RV, hit the road, make our way up Africa, cross the middle east, get into Asia, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, Russian republics, all that stuff. Then slowly back to Europe and spend the rest of our lifes on some Greek beach or so. Unfortunately, with hubby’s health problems this isn’t an option anymore. So I’m doomed to be a homebody rather than a roadwarrior. Drives me mad at times.

      “I work 8 1/2 hours a day till 10:30 at night!”
      Jeezuz! Dat’s too long. Get a new job, girl! Or drop out.
      I mean my last job was 38 h/week but we mostly worked 50 to 60 hours. The perks of working in IT. 🙂 But we had all the freedom in the world. I often didn’t get into work on Mondays … without having to take a day of vacation. Just stayed off. And all that stuff. Otoh I often came in on Sunday nights to get preparations done for Monday already. It’s all no problem if your employer is as flexible as you are and you have the keys to the castle. All a give and take. I guess we Eurotrash are rather spoiled, compared to our American comrades.

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      • Well, readers, followers, whoever–it’s all supposed to tie into forming some kind of base for my books. That’s part of the goal. ‘Cause word of mouth helps. I have enjoyed blogging, though, just to keep the writing elbow greased, and interacting with folks.
        I love the sound of your previous plan: all the traveling and then settling down on a Greek beach. But life is what happens when we’re making other plans, huh? You are right about time, too. It’s a theme in one of my books, how time has become the protagonist’s nemesis. I think I’m older than you, so I’m painfully aware of time’s rapid passage !!
        And IT people–you guys are like doctors and morticians. There will ALWAYS be a need and a job for you guys! Smart, wise, intelligent job choice.

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        • “readers, followers, whoever”
          I’ve gotta admit here that I was too fast and hectic for my own good and totally ignored the book part but thought you was talking about your blog fellowship. It’s so cool you finished a book, even plural books! I started one in 1992, which became a trilogy but I never finished even one of them. Rather played it cool in writers forums and was all silly and wise and stuffz. Poor work ethics on my part.

          “time has become the protagonist’s nemesis.”
          Isn’t it always? The nemesis of us all? I mean I hardly hear ppl complaining about their lifes being tardily edited and if they lost a couple years here and there it would’ve been better.

          “I think I’m older than you,”
          I’m, like, 52 now and think that’s mighty old for a hippie punk. And, even worse, I think I’m losing my natural sexyness. :/

          “so I’m painfully aware of time’s rapid passage !!”
          You said it: Rapid! Time goes faster from year to year. 😮

          “And IT people–you guys are like doctors and morticians. There will ALWAYS be a need and a job for you guys! Smart, wise, intelligent job choice.”
          Was totally incidental. Didn’t see any job future with my academic studies, so I jobbed around in many odd jobs until a friend of hubby asked me to apply for a job in an office half of our clicque had already worked at. Me too for a couple weeks to earn some pocket money for vacations, back when I was still at uni. And now they wanted to upgrade their IT from a handful of workstatiions to a couple hundred PCs with interwebz connections. Best job opportunity for a girl, doing all the administrative shit, correcting the spelling mistakes of my illiterate male coworkers, doing user help, doing all the hardware buying, testing shit, inter-departmental communication and low level Unix operations. Oh yes, was a good job. A bit hectic and many work hours but payed rather well. And I was obviously quite a good worker bee, since after I quit to move to Africa we’ve heard my boss had been fired a month after I was gone. Seems I did his job as well during my time there. :/

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  6. Interesting back story. Not surprised that your boss got fired after you left. When you were saying you were gonna quit, didn’t you notice that his hair turned completely white?! Lol.

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