Intelligent Theologican?

While I won’t go into dephts of finding out or discussing if such beings actually exist, the woman talking about them isn’t one. Neither intelligent nor a theologist. But read the sobering story for yourself:

Changing your name and religion like other people change their panties, is that a sign of intelligence?

sineadstartAs I said, I won’t say anything about any religion, as I’m a fukn outsider in these things, but what does this story tell us about a failed pop starlet, which had 2 or 3 mini hits in the late 80s and since then did nothing but trying to get her life back together? Well, it’s her business, isn’t it? But why the name changes? Sinéad is such a nice sounding classic Welsh or Irish or sumsuch name, actually the nicest thing about that bish, so why fuk it up with every mood  and fashion swing regarding world religions?

Video in that article!

Hey, that girl is my age, even half a year younger, and supposed to be a pampered pop star. So why does she look like my granny? Is Islam bad for the skin?



  1. Name changes are always interesting. And I wouldn’t give up Sinead for ANYTHING if that was my name. She obviously has been searching for something for a long time, but I’d have to respectfully disagree that all scripture study leads to Islam. I think that’s a personal choice and opinion.

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    • Zackerly! I’m not an expert on things religious but isn’t islam much younger than judaism and christianity? So how can all other scripts lead to it? In any way, who cares? Those 3 “world religions” all worship the same single universal god, the differences are just in the details. No?

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      • I always get them confused and had to look it up again, and you’re right, yeah, Islam is the youngest and, yeah, details, schmetails: everyone wants the same thing, don’t they? To know we’re not alone in the universe and that something follows after and that there’s a purpose in being alive. So so so so so so so so sad to fight and kill over “who’s got the best god” and the “best beliefs”. If we all just banned together, wouldn’t it be paradise? But maybe it’s not in human nature to act that way, and maybe without friction we would be boring and never change? I don’t know. Definitely fighting over the “better” or “right” God, though…I think we could put our time to better use in that arena ! ! ! 😦

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        • What I never understood, and what still baffles me, is how many highly intelligent and super duper educated scientists are actual believers in some god figure. Including even those space scientists, astronauts and such. They are sitting on the evidence, they have disproven the existence of any higher being time and time again.
          And still they believe in god. :/

          My troglodyte hubby would say “fukn ‘murkins and their religious delusions” or sumfink in that sense but I won’t go that far. Insulted bog readers aren’t blog readers for much longer, and I wanna avoid an exodus away from my humble little bloggy. A little wakeup call here and there, some provocation, yes by all means. But religion is much too personal and also not part of my field of expertise. So I cut it out of this blog … mostly. 🙂


  2. God, I know, and your hubby’s right, too, ’cause I assume ‘murkins is Americans. 100% on board with him about that, ’cause those were the self-righteous puritanical morons that came running over here from England, murdered everyone around them, built the country with slavery, and have now shouldered a crazy majority into the White House. But we just saw a movie tonight on this very subject, so now I HAVE to do a blog about it. It’s just too coincidental (for me) coming on the heels of the maniac who killed 11 people in a synagogue today out here.

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