Apple vs Facebook!

They shit on each other …

A win/win situation for human rights!

Stamos (FB) and Cook (Apple) twatting it out. When two of the mostest mightyest, mostest insecurest business giants are fighting over our data it’s a fukn win/win for humanity! So any anyone still wonder why I’m not on social media and don’t store my boring personal data in the cloud? Because it’s not save. And nobody cares! Oh … and I don’t use Apple products neither. =^.^=

This may look like a fukn MacBook but is in fact a fancy BananaBook, which I made useful by installing a powerful Arch GNU/Linux on it. 🙂



    • Oh! 😮
      But how? My shit goes directly on my personal SSD and from there on external HDD which I keep in my shelf of stuffz. No internetz connection from there. Of course I know as good as you and everybody else that WordPress most probably stores my bloggo in the cloud. But that’s no prob since I made it publically available on my own free will. In fact everything I do and say on the web is available in some cloud. But stuff I’d rather keep for myself never even comes close to the router. So if you wanna get my bomb recipes you gotta contact me personally. 🙂


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