Oh Oubaas! :o

Although it’s not really Oubaas to blame for the latest fukup but a mistake by the mechanic’s minion. So RL Orca on the way to the gym when suddenly …


Oi! Wot da fok???

Van drives very strangely, vibrates like a regular vibrator for a while. Until the vibrations becoming so bad and with a final KLONK! Oubaas and his terrified pilot come to a halt at a bus stop …


And then a last plonking noise and …

Ladies, gentlemen, this used to be an almost new prop shaft.

… the propshaft has joined the ground crew. :/ Well, that wasn’t much joy I had with the newly repaired Oubaas, was it? All together driving time since I got him back was maybe 30 minutes or so. This was actually the first outing since I brought him back home on monday. :/

Now it’s just a badly abused expensive spare part lying on the asphalt. 😦

Well, the good old van is now save at the mechanic’s compound. Pheew. Imagine there was a bus coming and the driver would’ve called the police to tow Oubaas away … unregistered, not roadworthy, owner unknown. They would’ve towed him to the next scrap yard and we’d be out of money and out of a vehicle. 😦

Apparently the prop shaft’s an easy fix, it just wasn’t mounted correctly. I bet my mech will control his boys better this time. And he promised me to give the shaft a fresh coat of paint. Well, he better. It’s the least he can do. =^.^=


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