It’s Linux Story Time!

Just because I feel like it, just because I had the idea to share my latest stupid thoughts about some random Linux topic with you and bore you to death. And last but not least so that I got a story out before I even drive off for my morning splishysplashy. 😉

Just yesterday, or last night really, I was asking myself why am I so stupid and contradicting myself all the time? Ok, easy answer: Because I’m a woman and because I can. But why am I contradicting everything I know and say and recommend about GNU/Linux? And that, my imaginary friends, is a more problematic question that needs some more thought and analysis.

The thing is this: I’m recommending Linux Mint for all of you; since quite a while I’ve made up my mind about that topic. Because it’s a great distro, it’s widespread, ultra widespread (in Linux terms), it’s versatile with three desktops to choose from and stable with the power of Ubuntu/Debian at its core and with a huge community to help you solve all your problems. In other words: Mint’s friggin’ awesome!

So why don’t I use it myself? Why am I personally on one of the fringiest and freakiest distros, curated by a one-man-show? That’s something highly risky, and I wrote repeatedly y’all should stay away from those sideshow distros. Why is me using Namib GNU/Linux??? A project that could die any day. A project that went for a couple weeks without any updates while the maintainer, frederic2ec, was preparing for his school exams and didn’t have time for his project. It was basically dead. :/ According to me the good Fred could have been run over by a bus and I was cluelessly working on a non-supported system for weeks! 😮 Exactly the scenario I warned y’allz about, innit?

I am stupid! Must be a specially stubborn kinda stupid since here’s more:

Guess I showed my desktop often enough in this blog:


Yeah, that one. It’s the mostest boringest and only slightly customized Mate Desktop Environment that looks the same more or less since 2013. Only thing changing are the wallpapers, the rest is more or less the same all the time. No matter what distro I’m using, if Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Namib or any other system that lets me use the Mate DE.

So, why am I on the always changing, always getting better Linux when I myself refuse to change and are not open to evolution at all?

Because I am!

I am open for change and evolution and I try to get with the times and, as you very well know, am trying out a lot of new systems and am up for a change as soon as I find something better, something that suits me even more than my recent set-up. It’s just that I’m not too fond of hyperactive, attention-grabbing desktops, nor of static Linux releases. I love the flowy nature of ArchLinux rolling releases, the steady stream of updates and getting the always newest softwares. But I don’t want my desktop to resemble a 3 ringed cirus tent! Too old for that shit. For me it’s what’s behind the façade that is important.

I made a rather huge system change just earlier this year when I switched from the mighty Manjaro to the dwarfish Namib. It’s just not visible for you guys. Don’t say Orca’s not evolving anymore. I am. Just in my quiet way.

It’s called evolution. Not revolution!



  1. Well done and well said. I’m sticking to Linux Mint for now because I’ve got CGI to do and I need a stable system but I’ve got Lubuntu on my little laptop and I’m pretty sure I’ll test some of those distros you mentioned sooner or later – as long as they are as light as Lubuntu (anything else crashes my Lenovo Ideapad 100s with only 64GB HDD!

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    • 64GB HDD isn’t much but is more than enough for a Linux system, as you know. And for all the other shit, your private and media and work data, we got USB stix and external drives. Lubuntu and similar LSDE, LSLE, LXQt systems are just not luxurious enough for this spoiled girl. I demand a reasonable amount of creature comforts. 😉
      But yeah, stick to Minty’s goodness by all means. This isn’t a competition, it’s not about who got the most sporty distro or sumfink. It’s just an operating system for your office machine. Mint is always a very good choice. I always keep a Mint ISO handy, so I can get a compi up and working inside of 10 minutes when my rare Arch system gives up its ghost.
      Tell me more plese about your CGI work. You work on movie projects or so? So tell me what happens in SW Epi IX??? Curious mind wants to know. =^.^=


      • I’m learning how to do animation with an open source program called Blender. The ultimate goal is to make my own game – like the ones I review. There are many tutorials on You Tube if you want to learn as well! 😝

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        • As a Linux user of course I know Blender. But I’m not a very talented illustrator/painter and stick to photography. So I have no use for Blender, am already overwhelmed by the Gimp. So you’re a games reviewer? Cool. Never knew such a thing would exist. Not a gamer here at all.

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