No Post Today, You Lazy Bish?


No. Indeed. It’s already 14:43 and I haven’t published a single post yet. It’s true. But am I, was I, lazy in any way, shape or form? No, I don’t think so. In fact I was busy reading, watching and writing ever since I got on the computer at around 5 a.m.  Some days just are like that. I guess most of us know it as well, no. Not getting any work done since you’re so super busy with collateral work and correspondence, and incoming emails piling up faster than you can politely dismiss or ignore them.


And such a day is today. Peepels I can tell you, sometimes being Orca Flotta isn’t easy and not everything in her life is an endless drug-filled sex orgy like it once used to be. Not anymore, since years and years. It’s just that with an opinion-filled noggin as hers and not being shy to let everyone know about her opinion, being Orca is a lifelong commitment and project. 😮 So according to many fellow YT commentators I’m again the wursted person on the block … and even a good piece farther out. You can imagine that on some days correspondence is all I’m getting around to do. :/

So, just had a look, inbox is empyt and no incoming mails since like 10 minutes plus the time I was asleep at the keyboard. Ok, now it would be the time to start blogging …





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