Oubaas is Back! \o/

Oubaas is a happy camper in his spot.

It took quite a while (again) but now the starter problem is seems to be solved. We’re poor again, the mechanic is rolling in the dough and our neighbours won’t kill me no more when I start the cold engine in the early morning to drive to the fitness club. Everything groovy, 😉

Even my squeaky rooster seems to like it.

But then …

Ouch! 😮
One of the many many former owners obviously had some plans that involved putting screws into the roof. 😮 Fuk do I know what and why.
Blisters in the sunset. How romantic. 😉
That roof rail is more like a drip rail …
Acne zits going bad. 😦
This patient urgently needs to see a skin doctor! It makes me appear less sexy. :/




  1. Complete opposite situation with our car. Got a Tiberon 11 years ago in 2007. It still looks like it’s brand new because my husband loves it more than he loves me. We had a 280Z once that was 20 years old and much more like your Oubaas. I loved its quirks and character.

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  2. “Got a Tiberon”
    A whaaaaaaat???

    “We had a 280Z”
    Datsun, right? Sporty little thing from the 70s or sumsuch modern stuff. 😉

    “that was 20 years old and much more like your Oubaas.”
    Maybe if you put 30 years on top of the 20 then we can compare and talk about old cars. =^.^=

    Well, a van, literally falling apart, costing us more than we can afford … I wouldn’t call that “quirks and character”. It’s a largely failed Frankenstein project. And now we know why the last owner gave up on it. Only thing original at Oubaas are parts of the body and the chassis. But it was cheap to buy and by now drives kinda okay-ish so we will keep on going on.
    So maybe, if the original owner finds the paperwork soon, we will be able to roadworthy and register him in the near future. Would be nice to drive legally on the road and not always be on the lookout for the police.


  3. I feel like I’m reading extra chapters from A Clockwork Orange when I read your writing. I love your word fluidity. Yeah, a Hyundai Tiberon, to be exact. And you are correct about the Datsun 280Z. It’s considered a classic now, and my husband never lets me forget that we sold it to a neighbor for $500 before we moved to New York once. (Apparently, he didn’t want to sell it but neglected to put his foot down about it). Good luck with Frankenstein Oubaas. It sounds like an old Saab that we once had, the outcome of which I will not reveal, but it was a good grocery-getter while it lasted.

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