Orca and Technology

Goeie more mense. 😉

“That Orca with her Linux shit, she must be a total geek!”

Uh, no. See people, we got our first PC, a used and banged up IBM machine, in 1992 or 93, and only because I needed it to type out my homework for university and our typewriter gave up its ghost. But you see quite some time has passed since the early 90s, hasn’t it? So logic dictates we got better at the computer, eventually even knowing what we were doing on that thing.

No more computering by the numbers, total emancipation, we got in touch with the times! Fuk yay! And as times rolled away we got more computers, laptops, printers, eventually a *beep *beep modem and internet connection. Anyone remembers AOL? Weren’t they god damn awful?

But I digress, this isn’t what this post is about. So, yeah, we got better. I even got a job in the IT dept of my latest employer. Windows user support and low level Unix operator (computing by numbers) and hardware buyer and coms. These things leave their mark on you, if you want or not. I learned a lot, forgot everything now, but at least I got the idea that there must be more than just Windows out there in the world. We even bought an iMac! Such rebels we were, hubby and me. Haha. 😦 But I’m rambling. :/

Anyhoo, after joining Second Life and for the first time really clueing up on interwebby stuffz and how that shit works (latency, ping, all that jazz) and logically and inevitably getting more and more upset with Microsoft Windows, we both settled on GNU/Linux. And that was a real eye-opener, I can tell you. No more scrambling and searching for license numbers and drivers, no more anti-virus bullcrap, no cleaning out of the infamous Registry, no maintenance at all. Never knew computing could be so easy and uncomplicated. And safe! Really, there ain’t much about Linux. Nothing complicated if you don’t wanna. So that’s why I can never believe when people tell me they are too ungeeky and clueless for Linux.

Really people, being Politically Correct doesn’t mean fukn self-censorship and regulated speech, it’s more about self-determination and not falling prey to the industry “standards”.

Now for the umpteenth time: You can’t be too ungeeky for Linux! It’s particularly made for untechie persons, kidz, elderly … and yes, you, fellow housewifes! We went with Linux because it is easy!!!

Lemme quickly show you something here …


This is my phone. A dirtcheap thing without much power. And NO touch screen. Because I just can’t work on touchscreens. Hubby says I’m too impatient and too brutal, I mustn’t press and hammer on the screen but tenderly stroke it, like *swisssshhh. Fuk him and fuk touch screens, I got me this nifty telephone with little keys. Much better. It’s good enough to call the mechanic in case Oubaas breaks down again. The sole reason I’ve even got that thing. It even got a camera and a flashlight built in. What more do I need?


https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/img/nav/cellc-logo.pngAnd, as you can see, that not-so-smart phone ain’t not even functional right now. “Invalid SIM” or sumsuch. I’m much too lazy to figger out what that even means, do I need a  new sim card or stock up on airtime? Must I go with MTN or can I also use Vodacom or Cell C? I have no clue about all that shit. So the next time any of you foklovely persons calls me a geek it will make me sad. 😦


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