Linus is Back! Pheew… ;)

Yeah, lucky us. A month after he started his break from the Linux kernel development, he’s back in action. So kernel 4.19 (let’s call it the SJW kernel) happened without him but 4.20 (the sensible kernel) will be developed under his  leadership.

\o/ Awesome! \o/

Maybe the SJW’s did what they do best and totally mucked up?

So the non-binary SJWs had their month in the sun, now it’s time for real people to get back to work and with combined forecs push the awesomeness, generally known as GNU/Linux, back on track and onwards!

Slashdot doesn’t know anything either:

At Open Source Summit Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland, Linus Torvalds is meeting with Linux’s top 40 or so developers at the Maintainers’ Summit. This is his first step back in taking over Linux’s reins. From a report: A little over a month ago, Torvalds has stepped back from running the Linux development community. Then, in a note to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), Torvalds has said, “I need to change some of my behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely.” To do, this he took time off “to change some of my behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely. I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately.” That time is over. Torvalds is back.

Whether he’ll be a kinder and gentler Torvalds remains to be seen. In the Linux 4.19 announcement, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux’s temporary leader and maintainer of the stable branch, wrote: “Linus, I’m handing the kernel tree back to you. You can have the joy of dealing with the merge window :)”

Asking me I don’t give a wet fart about a nicer, softer, more cuddly Linus; as long as the code keeps on rolling out of the kernel project I’ll remain a happy little Linux user.



  1. I think that what he’s done is very important for our community. He’s a role model for a lot of people and replying with arrogance and offensive words is not a good way to handle any situation: it’s actually a sign of weakness and he knows it. However, I totally love him because he’s bravely willing to upgrade his own personal kernel – something we should all ought to do! Taking time for one’s self is necessary to understand where we are at in this life and redefine our goals. I’m very proud of Linus who was vulnerable enough to admit his own responsibility, he often claims to be “not a social person”. We, as humans, evolve just like the kernel and “change”, is part of our evolution. You can compare our body/soul/mind to a machine which is run by a particular operating system; if you don’t upgrade your kernel by processing your life experiences and feelings, you will never be able to evolve as a human. I admired Linus before his retreat and now I love and admire him even more: everybody should follow his example and upgrade their internal kernel!

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    • Yeah of course we all need a vacation, at least 3 times/year (Europeans) or once in your lifetime (USAmericans). But what has that got to do with the Linux kernel? American sensitivities aren’t usually the problem of straight Finnish geeks with underdeveloped people skills. It just happens that we in Europe/Scandinavia are more honest, down to earth and direct than chatty, surfacely polite Americans.

      Linus is the kernel lead as it so happens and I don’t blame him even one iota for freaking out about stupid mistakes and lazyness in the lower ranks. And then dealing with those entitled fuked up SJWs for whom their own fullfillment and feelings are more important than the code … I wouldn’t have taken time-out but sent an angry message to all of those harmful stupid, angry kidz and told them to fuk of and leave the adults alone and work in peace and quiet.

      Because Linus is completely right: People aren’t important, only thing that counts is the code! And respect gotta be earned.


        • Yeah again. 😉

          But it felt forced, not as coming from Linus himself. I guess he did it to please the community / his work group. And maybe in order to see how badly they would fuk up without him. I also guess there are far more important thoughts going in Linus’ noggin than self improvement. That guy is a friggin multimillionaire, does he really need to self-improve? As a Linux geek such diffuse concepts should be far below his dignity and not worth his time.

          You and I may make time for daily yoga routines and meditation, but I would be kinda pissed off if Linus would turn out to be just an average person, doing the same. If I catch him in yoga class I’d go to him and ask him directly if he hasn’t better things to do than turning his body into a fukn knot while standing on one foot and reciting the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra?

          Fukn code doesn’t write itself ya know? I bet Linus knows. =^.^=


    • Why wouldn’t I like you after reading this very nice article? I concur wholeheartedly, suffering a water crisis of our own right here, right now.
      It’s a bit better now and the dams are almost full enough to survive the summer. But it’s still bad and the municipality hasn’t lifted the water rationing.

      But I know what aspect of what I wrote you wanted to direct my attention to: Linus being a friggin’ millionaire and having no need to change his behaviour. Right? I knew that sentence was badly worded already when I wrote it. But hear me out, please: Linus is a total geek on genius level. That usually brings with it serious personality shortcomings. Borderline autism, Asperger’s and sociophobia and other awkwardnesses. Popular example: Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. A guy everyone loves to hate. At least in America. In Europe he would be dealt with on face value, and everybody would assume he’s just “one of those” types. And then add the fukn SJW epidemy to the equation and you have the typical scenario that we witnessed right now in the Linux Kernel developers group. Linus can’t slip out of his skin, making him an easy victim for the entitled SJWs.

      And we can think about Linus whatever we want, factually he’s right, not only in his world but in everyone’s. In the end it’s only the code that counts! End of story.

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      • Bingo! Yes, it was indeed referred to the millionaire issue. Remember the huge sequence of earthquakes in Nepal in 2015? I was there… I got so scared I hugged the first person I saw: we were lucky to be alive. In those moments you realize what really matters in life . Unfortunately, in modern society we replaced our feelings with rational thinking and that’s really dangerous for the human soul.. I don’t want to bore you but I wrote another article about that topic too 🙂 P.S.> I read your articles too!

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        • Yeah, I liked that post as well, it’s exactly my thinking. But has nothing to do with the Linus situation. That he is a millionaire and those SJWs aren’t is exactly because of what you said. He believed in himself, and didn’t count on anybody else, neither trusts them very much. He’s not entitled but has only one interest: The Linux kernel, the stinkin’ code! He himself once admitted he wasn’t able to install a standard Debian Linux distro on his computer and he has no clue about computer hardware.
          That’s commitment. That’s what made him a millionaire. Not because he’s a shrewd businessman but because he can code and he delivers. And getting paid quite handsomely. And when others in his team are not up to scratch he lets them feel it. Harshly, unfriendly, like an elephant in the china shop. I guess that’s the way I’d run such a project too. Those are just people, and honestly, people are insignificant. In particular if they can’t fullfill their function in my project.
          But then again, I’m a fukn Gerwoman, rude and straight to the point, not charming, not flirtatious, not polite, not much for smalltalk, just straightforward business and lots of awkwardness. But also I’m quite cute and very sexy in an asexual way. That’s why I’m not in Linus’ kernel team and can’t code for shit and am always broke. =^.^=

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