Would You Rather

Stacey E. Bryan

When I found Stacey E. Bryan’s blog Laughter Over Tears I was enthused. What a refreshing spirit, what an unobtrusive intellect. I was smitten by her movie reviews and almost everything else I could find in her blog. Oh, and also she made one of those self-made interviews, like we know them from Strawberry Singh’s meme challenges. And even though this particular “Would You Rather …” was kinda bespoke for Stacey, I thought why not trying it out for myself. You know, Orca’s a recycler of other people’s ideas because why not?

So here’s my personal Would You Rather … with Orca Flotta:

Chips, chocolate or cheese?

Cheese. That was easy. 😉

Bridget Jones, Becky Bloomwood or Carrie Bradshaw?

None of those silly and purely fictional bishies.

Wine, beer or vodka?

I don’t consume alcohol, it’s not part of my diet. But if you force me then I’d have a beer, please.

Camping or spa vacation?

Camping! I can do spa when I’m 90 y/o or so.

Water or mountains?

Water! Preferably ocean water. I love the salty air and beaches. Mountains serve no other purpose than blocking my view. They are in the way and must be flattened!

Zombies or vampires?

Zombies any time. Easy to kill, slow, not good strategists or tacticians. But they make us question ourselves, our humanity. And according to American cinema and TV we suck as a civilisation. :/ Anyway, still better than dealing with those emo vampies.

Dogs or cats?

Cats. They are independent and give a fuk about you. Dogs have personalities, are complicated and whiney and need too much care.

Coke or Pepsi?


Coffee or tea?

I have a green tea please.

Dine out or take away?


High heels, sneakers or flip flops?

I dress for the occasion. So 99% flip flops.

Physical Book or ebook?

ebook. It’s soooo fukn practical. And I can put a whole library in a fanny pack without weighing me down.

Paperback or Hardcover?

Do I look like I care?

Mad Men, Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad?

Haven’t seen Mad Men yet, Downton Abbey was too soapie, so Breaking Bad it is. I loved the glacieral pace and the pretty much linear story telling that lead to the inevitable ending. Was like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.

Drama or comedy?

Every good comedy has drama in it. It needs a very sincere, often sad, background to make a comedy of.

Twilight or Hunger Games?

Battle Royale!

Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?

Neither nor. I’m too old for that shit.

Facebook or Twit(t)er?

I have a blog, don’t I? With a – sometimes – lively comment section. That’s enough social interaction, thank you very much.

Plot your entire novel or fly by the seat of your pants?

Have a rough idea, don’t overthink it but start to write. Paper is patient, so are word processors. When we write it’s not like written in stone. I rather throw away the labour of days and weeks than never have tried it, never tested a certain idea. Not very professional, I know. But then I’ve never claimed to be a professional writer, so I’m getting away with it.

Writing The Novel of the 21st Century while sitting at the beach. =^.^=



  1. You can see how technologically incompetent I am–I don’t think I’m even in the right spot to reply to these things! But many thanks again, Orcaflotta, for the enthusiasm! I was thrust into the social media world when my book got published two years ago–I wasn’t even on Facebook. I’ve basically been blogging to myself the past two years but recently have finally procured (trapped?) several followers. So now instead of just boring myself, I can bore a couple of innocent bystanders too. (Yes, self-deprecating, but also some truth) I’ve seen your responses & likes to things before & am intrigued to delve into your stuff next…………………………… Happy trails! 🙂

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    • “I don’t think I’m even in the right spot to reply to these things!”
      What things, Stacey? There weren’t hardly any tekkie things in my answers to the “Would you…”

      “I was thrust into the social media world”
      … which got nothing to do with technology! Everybody can blare out the opinion in those anti-social media things, without the slightest hinch about tek stuff. All those younglings, they even use telephones for that … can you believe it? A fukn handheld telephone! And those things don’t even have any knobs to push, they have screens to touch. I’ve never figured out how to do that.

      (Oh. that got me an idea for my next blog post.)

      “my book got published two years ago”
      Whoa! Congratz on that. My novel, that I started in 1993, is still waiting for completion while I started two more novels (is gonna be a trilogy in at least 7 or 8 books, lol) that I also never finished. It’s partly because I got distracted and the whole thing turned into a confused chaos, but mostly because I just don’t wanna! Publishing would mean setting my babies free in the wild, object to scrutiny. :/ I’m not up for that. And, most of all, I’d need to say goodbye to my lovely protagonists. 😮 No more breakfast sessions with my heroine and her friends. I’ll miss those in particular. I’m afraid of finishing a novel, tried lots of alternative endings but am just too terrified by the idea to “end it all”.

      “I wasn’t even on Facebook.”
      Nobody should ever be on facebook. It’s an evil thing, cooked up by an evil man who has nothing but disdain for his clients. And we can see now to where it leads: All your private data hacked and out in the open. 😦

      “I’ve basically been blogging to myself the past two years”
      Hah, that’s basically my mission statement. I said it often enough: I’d go on blogging if I was the last living person on earth. Yeah, and like you I can now bore some poor Followers with my own selfish amusement.

      “am intrigued to delve into your stuff next”
      There’s not much to delve in, Stacey, it’s mostly about housewifes and their grannies using GNU/Linux, and about the quirky virtual world of Second Life. Oh, btw, try to install a Linux distro on your computer and see your technological incompetence fly out the window! You’ll be up to speed, technologically and politically hardened in a matter of weeks! \o/ YAY! \o/

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      • OMFG, see?! I didn’t even realize you’d left this long response until today. I saw that you “liked” it but then in ANOTHER area in my email it told me there was a COMMENT. Check off box that says “send any comments to my email.” That helps!! Yeah, no, I gotcha! I f***ing hate FB. Publisher told me to get on all these social media things to help with marketing, ’cause I’m supposed to be doing much more marketing than I’m actually doing. How can I? I don’t have time! Or know what I’m doing. But then you get on social media and someone you’ve known for 20 years and haven’t seen in 12 starts putting up posts about “If you don’t like the American flag, then leave!” and stuff like that and you try to have an intellectual conversation about why they feel the need to post things like that, they have no good response, and you realize it’s all for naught and have to “mute” their posts so you don’t see their crap anymore. Leaving both sides feeling angry and unsatisfied. Which is, I think, the basic set of emotions one has for FB–apart from the kitten videos, of course!

        On another note, though, totally get the thing about not wanting to finish and let go. I just finished book II and there’ll probably be three more, and I can already project ahead to two, three years from now, finishing up and feeling like my whole family just disappeared or perished in an earthquake! And whenever I look for reviews from bloggers, I feel sick inside waiting to see what they’re gonna say–even though the majority of reviews have been pretty good so far! The queasiness and sense of unease never seems to end, but it can be fulfilling in the end! And I’ve gotten some insights from the reviews, too, like what not to do so much of next time, maybe. Not knowing you at all, I’d still like to offer this: I think you should finish! I think you should finish up book one and send it out. I think if you’re passionate about it and love it and believe it it, others will too. I would love to review it. What’s it about? Think about it. Maybe it needs more time to marinate, but…eventually…one day maybe….? Send it off to its first day of school…..? :@

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        • “you’d left this long response until today.”
          You’re comment of the 21st, my response on 22nd, now yours again on 23rd, what response?

          ““If you don’t like the American flag, then leave!””
          As far as flags go, the American one is rather ok, kinda creative with those stripes and varying numbers of stars. I kinda like it. Not as boring as the German one. But nobody beats the new South African flag, which is a colourful hit if you ask me. 😉

          “basic set of emotions one has for FB–apart from the kitten videos, of course!”
          But but but kitten videos are the main reason we’ve invented this interwebz for, no? =^.^=

          “I think if you’re passionate about it and love it and believe it it, others will too.”
          My passion for the project weaned some time in the last 25 years or so. The manuscipt was all over the place, I had various versions for many capitels and situations and scenes and just couldn’t decide what to cull and what shall survive. That’s why most my sentences are totally overloaded with adjectives. The whole thing was totally uneven in tone anyway, ranging from serious, almost artistic penwomanship to downright adolescent crap.

          And, no, others won’t like it. I’ve been part of a German writers forum in the early naughties and had some testreaders. The most earnest wanted me to highlight the background of the story … wtf? That is the least interesting part of it and needed me to go back some 2500 years at least. Background is an intergalactic war, that’s going on since hundreds of years; none of my dramatis personae was even alive or knows why and when exactly it started. And the politics aren’t important for the story, which plays out as episodes during the last days of said war. We’ve all just been thrown/born into those tumultus times.

          “Maybe it needs more time to marinate”
          It marinated now since 1993, should be an unappealing soggy piece of filet, rotting away in the African sun. 😦 Also I changed perspectives quite a lot; my main heroine was too straigght and boring for my own taste, so a pretty much damaged side character appeared to be much more intriguing, so I decided to give her book two of my trilogy … but she slowly took over the whole plot anyway. Her perspective was much more interesting, as she was living through the thick of it while my original prota only had the “princess” view.

          “I would love to review it.”
          … after you’ve learned German on conversational level. =^.^=

          “What’s it about?”
          Science fiction of the space opera sort.
          War for heightened drama, because it always makes a good background for all kinds of stories and tends to bring out the worst and best of human behaviour. And most my protas and antas are young women for dunno what reasons. They somehow have more appeal to me than a bunch of sweaty grunting troglodytes in the same situation. I just assumed in the year 4563, where my main arc starts, all those gender things are sorted and not a topic to be discussed anymore. Females make roughly 50% of the human population, like today, so they make 50% of the military personnel as well. On both sides. I never cared about going into those details, which were strangely important for my test readers. :/ All those feminist poets aren’t used to dirty hands-on war stories fresh from outta the trenches. And they demanded more empowering lesbian love scenes, and I was like wtf? Maybe some of them are lesbians, I know at least two of them are a couple, but they really have more important things to do at the time of the story arc. For example surviving miltary defeat and being crashed on a weird unknown planet. Turns out it’s the good old earth … but that’s not important for the story either, merely a bonus for more “realism”. 🙂

          Everybody loved my immediate breathless writing style tho. 😉
          It’s so easy. For my new heroine, always when she gets into physical trouble, the writer (me) switches into present time, and short, fragmentary sentences. After the action and damage is done she switches back to the standard novel past time as used by almost every fiction writer. Elegant solution (party trick really) I’m still proud of today.


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