Ubuntu Cares About You!

If you are a GPD Pocket owner that is. And we all would love to own a GPD Pocket, right? If Linux distros would only scale correctly on the minimini screens. Because as it is now, most distros only show in portrait- instead of landscape mode. :/

Ubuntu to save the day!

You guys couldn’t hardly wait for this!

Ok, hey I know. Nobody, including Orca, has got any GPD devices or does even plan on getting them. In all reality I guess GPD aren’t selling many of those nifty things. The more awesome it is to know that you can run Linux on them … and that at least one distro even made kinda customitzed versions particularly for GPD Pocket 1 and 2. And you know how the Linux world rolls. Nobody rests on their laurels, at least not for long. So it’s just a matter of time until we find the GPD personification in other distros as well. Mint? Hmm, they are slow … but ArchLinux and Manjaro and others will be all over it. You can be sure to receive the GPD custom settings with one of the next updates!

Mate DE + the cutest laptops ever: Can’t get any better than this!

See? That’s the power of GNU/Linux and FOSS: For everything, and may the userbase be as small as tending towards zero, you can be quite sure some awesome geek will find a solution for a problem you didn’t even know existed.

So, now purchasing a GPD Pocket becomes a real option! They are cute, aren’t they? And tough as nails.


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