Oh Craaaaap! Shit! Fuk! :o

Okay, here’s my plan: Grab a good vehicle and do a great tour of a mainland continent. Sounds reasonable so far? Yeah, I think so too. Not a great plan, nothing revolutionary, just a nice weekend ride-out, to enjoy the sights and sounds of our fancy pixelated world. And it starts ok-ish …

I start at the Mirr rez zone in the far noth-east of Jeogeot.

The vehicle of choice today is the Manji Type-360, a Japanese Kei car that is remarkably agile and fast, yet easy to drive and very light for cool sim crossings. My experience with this thing is that it’s less bitchy than even most of my motorcycles. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed Saturday afternoon cruise …

End of journey. Shitfuk! 😦

Of course the first sim xing goes smooth like butter, the second gives me a little hickup and fux my camera but the car and me are still rolling along nicely. Third sim messes me up, like, totally. Car is stolen, Orca is still holding an imaginary steering wheel and everything is bad. End of the ride after not even 3 sims! 😮 I decide to give up. When I was younger something like this would just be a minor disturbance, I’d looked for the next possible rez spot and would’ve went on. But nowadays, jeezuz it’s 2018, and we’re still dealing with this shit? Shame on you LL! Shame on you. 😦

Intel Brand Logo, HD Logo, 4k Wallpapers, Images, Backgrounds, Photos and Pictures

Ok, in LL’s defense I gotta admit that my internet is kinda slow lately. No, not really slow, but it takes time to connect to anything. Calling websites always takes some seconds before they start loading. Speed tests show the same results as always, same ping, same speed. But it takes a  while before the speedtest even starts. You think this might have caused my bad sim xings today? The fukn Intel bug we hear so much about lately? Meltdown, Spectre or sumsuch? Hmmm. :/



    • Yeah, we must! Not decided yet if I throw you in the trunk (or boot as you call it in the states) and then… ugh, it was your idea, and I don’t have to forcefully kidnap you? Okeee, that’s new. 😉
      Oh, and with whatever you ruin your computer is your business, and yours alone, but please don’t expect I’ll be waiting for you if a Windblows update removes you from SLexistence. :/


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