Did We Deserve This?

Oh my. :/ Didn’t I write already that I’m not – and never was – a huge fan of Eureka Seven? And now, roughly 3000 years after the original series ended, Studio Bones brings out another feature length movie! This gonna be already the second installment of a planned trilogy.

Really? :/


Don’t get me wrong, judging by its concept and the involved characters, and not least the fantastic Studio Bones, E7 should be right up my alley. Pessimistic SciFi, a brittle little love story, cool air-surfer dudes and dudettes, space ships, a dystopian apocalyptic setting, all that is exactly to Orca’s taste. But somehow the series never clicked with me. Be it those whiney kidz or the diffuse plot, the uneven pace or totally incoherent acting and underdeveloped main cast, there was something wrong and unappealing with E7.

Guess I’m gonna sit this one out.




    • 😦 No *Like for you, Sam!
      Ppl who don’t even know the diff between manga and anime usually don’t deserve an answer at all. But because I love you so, I let this one slip and let you get a way with a stern warning and a slap on the wrist. And also a little lecture for your ignorant heart:

      # E7 was never made with kidz in mind, but young adults, on the height of their intellectual capacity. And when I say intellectual I really mean it. Unfortunately the concept of E7 was more ambitious than the competence of the episode writers and directors. That’s why I will give it a pass, not because the whole genre is crapola.

      # I dare you, look at the old but very good Porco Rosso by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli, and don’t squish the one or other tear outta your emotionallly touched eyes:

      Or, even better, watch the review of Cowboy Bebop:

      Or Ghost in the Shell:

      … and then tell me about your definition of crappola again.


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