Did I mention …

Cult vs cult …

… I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore!?!

Listen idiots, I don’t have any sympathy for neither of your cults, neither the coven witches nor the catholiticians but it’s their problem, their business what they do in their spare time. Bringing local American politics into their smallminded quibble, trying to get a God and a Satan onto their respective sides, is a whole new quality of stupid! Far as I know neither one nor the other idol figure cares about such insignificant shit; their interests are more universal, spanning the whole planet, probably further.

satan face

Invoking the help of some metaphysical figure won’t help neither of you half-brains! Pure and utter nonsense. And for that we already have this bloggy. No need to let Americans run the show. :/

D. Trump, is an unspeakable idiot, a sociopath, a careless businessman. No question about that. But so far he did rather good … on a global scale, even if it wasn’t intentional. I have only a slight hunch who that Kavanaugh character is, he’s of no importance for the big game, so to fight for/against him on a metaphysical level is as pointless as it is stupid. And again, we have the Orcablog for those occasions, nobody can do pointless stupid as perfect as Orca does. Stop stealing my limelight you evil satanic and religious weirdos!!!

But for now …



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