Voyager Linux is Crappola. :(

The “German” translation of Voyager’s website is total gibberish and makes no sense whatsoever. 😦

About 3 million years ago I heard about a very nice French Linux distro. It was supposed to be very fresh and stylish. Well, of course, no? Being French and all we didn’t expect any less than fraiche style. Unfortunately, as far as I remember, I failed already installing this distro on my very old and weak hardware. And not even 10 minutes later I had completely forgotten everything about it.

At least their main page is English. Pheew, lucky us non-Frenchies.

Until yesterday, when I stumbled upon this special Linux distro again, via a DistroTube YT video. So far everybody seems to like this Xubuntu fork. So yes, why not trying it out myself, at least giving it a fair fighting chance. Everybody knows I’m not a fan of the XFCE desktop, and even less of the Ubuntu mothership. But hey, can only become better, right? Else, why fork off Xubuntu in the first place?

Installation went like a breeze, as not expected otherwise. At least that point the *buntu guys have sorted out. But they didn’t even care to hide the fact that we’re basically installing a fukn Xubuntu. And then …

Freshly installed Voyager: WTF is all hat crap? Panel on top, a useless conky, a plank on bottom … plus two smaller planks or whatever on the left and right screen side. Talk about confusing. 😮

Mon fréres, this is a perfect example of a messed up GUI. Seems like someone couldn’t make up their fukn mind about what they wanted to achieve here. See, this is what I was talking about when I said that we should better concentrate on the Top 10 on DistroWatch when looking for a new distro.

No welcome screen neither in Voyager. The initial updater wasn’t super easy to find but it is there. Okeee. Also nice that Voyager is still based on *buntu 18.04, the LTS version, not the new fangled short term version 18.10.
Then it all broke down. 😮

Dunno if it was my USB-Stick but I guess not. I any way, suddenly Voyager refused to let me copy my screenshots onto the thumbdrive. One of them was even totally mangled and more or less unreadable. That’s when the fancy title for this review came to me. 😉

So, this is already the end of today’s wannabe distro review. I’m sure I could’ve figured out how to remedy the situation but then, on the other hand, Voyager has so little appeal for me, I don’t even wanna spend any more time with it. Obviously it has the one or other advantage over the original Xubuntu but for a spoiled brat like Orca this just ain’t enuff. And why should it. We’re spoilt by choice and some very very good choices at that. Particulary in the upper echelons of the DistroWatch charts. So why waste time with #52?

Yes, I know the desktop supposedly looks good and they are rumoured to have sooo so many stylish wallpapers. But then, dunno about you but me, I always delete all of those and start my own collection, based on my everchanging mood. So these aren’t real arguments for me to use a pretty average Linux distro.

No patience for crappola!


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