Lubuntu 18.10 is Too Light for its Own Good

Took ’em long enuff. After nearly every other Linux distro are building their Lightweight desktop environments on the Qt toolkit since quite a while, grandaddy Lubuntu was dragging behind the field. But finally, at the tail end of 2018, they’ve joined the kool kidz and went LSQt as well. And although I usually recommend giving the .10 releases of all *buntu based distros a pass and stick with the .04 versions, in the case of Lubuntu it’s kinda must. Coz we wanna know what the change to Qt is bringing to the table in terms of newness.

Lubuntu 18.10 30 seconds after install. Pretty empty, as we love it. Don’t we?

The thing here is, I didn’t have a look at any LSDE or LXQt desktop in a very long time. The last one was Manjaro LXQt I guess. And as much as I like the idea of ultra light desktops, for older hardware, the much I personally despise the lack of creature comforts coming with it. It’s just not enough pizzaz and fun stuff in those desktops.

For me it isn’t; your mileage may vary. And, truth be told, if I was on a lonely island without any interwebz konnectivity, only had an old laptop and nothing better to do than finally sitting down to write The Novel of the 21st Century (my long term life-goal). than I’d be perfectly happy with any LSDE, LSLE, LXQt environment. Switching on the machine in the morning and starting my word processor, as the only usable piece of software, I won’t need a fancy desktop with all the bells and whistles. Quite contrary, for a seclusive writer in their cabin in the woods this is the perfect setup.

LubuntuLogo(Un)Fortunately we’re no Robinsons and no Boo Radleys but living the hectic digital lifestyle of the early 21st century, and we need the tools (desktops) to empower us to do so. Fortunately I’m a semi-hermit, a lot less visible in RL than on the internet, so I can get away without using a fukn smartphone. But a comfy desktop is a must, even for an oldfashioned, outdated old hag like me.

So sorry, can’t tell you much about Lubuntu. I saw a well-sorted array of software applications, everything one would need. If you don’t agree with some the choices or need additional stuff for your own fancy, there is always the quite extended Ubuntu repository where you can find everything you need.

Know who can tell you much more about the latest and freshest Lubuntu? Our friend, the Quid:

My personal choice for a LXQt distro would be Manjaro LXQt tho. Coz Arch, ya know?


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