RL Sailing

Quite a long time since you’ve read anything about sailing in real life in this blog, innit? I guess it was after the VOR fleet left Cape Town I’m only linking you the World Sailing Show once a month, nothing further. But today I’ve found a series of sail racing photos you just gotta see. You must!


These Optis aren’t in an emergency, they are racing! Spanish national championship or sumfink. It’s astonishing what these hardcore younglings, often preeteens, can do. Also the amount of girls in the fleet is awe-inspiring.

Bild könnte enthalten: Himmel, Ozean, Boot, im Freien, Natur und Wasser

With some luck these girls will turn out to be lesbians, will never get married or preggers and the we can truly say we fukn don’t need any boiz in our lifes anymore! Right?

The future looks bright. =^.^=


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