Boring Second Life :/

Ohayo Gozaimasu, friends of the nonsense.

Most of you, at least those of you who are residents of one or the other virtual world, will agree with me when  I state here that sometimes our virtual lifes are almost as boring as our meat-lifes. Don’t get me started, please. I know with all the amazing abilities and tools our avatars have in there it should be impossible to ever get bored in the slightest. But after 11 years you’ve been there and done that and the novelty effect is wearing off. So I hope most of you will get it when I say little Orca was hanging out in world, thinking about what kinda non-commiting nonsense she could do and was bored outta her green-haired skull.

So in order to amuse myself for a couple minutes I made  another Linux Mint wallpaper. Look here, so …


Coloured my Builder’s Skybox (the mostest usefullest freebie ever!) shiny white this time and put on a different shirt. Still no Minty shirt but at least Manjaro Linux, so much better than yesterday’s Ubuntu stuff.


Than my girl Sammie came online and we talked smack for a while, while I was relaxing in the cockpit of my fancy airship/submarine … and started absent-mindedly primdoodling again …

airship_002LOL! 🙂 The result was a kinda garage for aforementioned airship. Hmm, is more like a sarcophagus really. Only thing missing would be a lid on top and we’d have the perfect Schrödinger’s Avatar experiment set up.

As I said I was bored. And that’s never good, since I get rather stupid ideas when I’m bored. So great is the urge, the desire to do something, just about anything, to keep my fingers busy, that I start building shitty things. 😮

But I’m rambling. Where was I? Uh, yes, Sammie. You recall I made a video especially for her so she can see how to copypaste a SLURL from inworld SL onto your desktop. Problem is, she can’t play that vid, as it always stops for her after a couple seconds. When I told her it’s 8 mins long she wouldn’t believe. :/ Any of you, dear readers, having similar probs or does everything go okay for y’alls?


I just tried to play the vid on OrcNet, my little netbook on wifi … and it ran without a fault. No idea what Sam’s problem is now. 😦



  1. Yay i eventually got to see the entire video it was a You tube problem the time bar said 8 mins but as i watched the slider went from 40seconds to the finish Happily, it fixed itself Thanks Orcsy hugs

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