Oubaas: The Neverending Story

I still love our oldold little van. Can’t say for how much longer since his restoration/survival slowly turns into an endless story like we’ve been through it already with the fukn Turdmobile.

Anyway, last Monday the mechanic dropped one of his minions of at our parking lot, which went to work immediately …

… and removed the pretty busted starter motor.
Couple days later it came back with all new shiny crown gear. Cool! \o/ But oldtimer van still don’t start! 😮 Problem must be the ring gear on the gearbox side. Can’t be done on the parking lot, must be brought in to mechanic’s place.
So today the wreck-transporter comes again and takes Oubaas away …
… to his second home, the mechanic’s place. :/ Oh, the tow truck driver, while loading up, discovered another problem: The driveshaft leaks where it terminates into the gearbox. So there is the next construction site waiting for us to take care of. 😦

So let’s recap: The problem occured on October 4th. Today is the 15th, and Oubaas didn’t drive a single meter under his own steam and we are kinda grounded. But we’ve already paid for two expensive tows and one needless repair. :/ Guys, I’m just about ready to give up on that mukn thing before it turns into the next Turdy nightmare. 😮

But then it could be something beautiful like this …

Or even betterer …

Transit Ci Mk1 coachbuilt motorhome

Anyhoo, one can dream, no?



  1. You know they have to drop the transmission to fix the flywheel right? Did the mechanic person check the starter solenoid? Ferds have it easy access under the hood, usually bolted to the inner fender well, same side the starter is on.

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    • Mech told me they gonna drop the whole thing tomorrow morning (or, ooopsy, in like 2 hours from now) to get to the gear ring, Solenoid and stuffz were done at the starter motor repair shop. Looked all shiny.


      • How come you know so much about cars … and all the strange terminology? Is that a special gift only lezbian gurlz possess? Time for me to turn RL lezbian as well, for added coolness and knowledge. 😉 Fiddling with GNU/Linux and motorcycle shit can be done as a hetera as well, but I guess for getting into the real dirty van stuff one needs to be a gay woman.


    • Saying lezbians are better people than heteras hardly makes me a racist. Fucking with hot girls and knowing how to fix shit doesn’t make you member of a different race.


    • Uuuh Lez, I live in paradise compared to pretty much every other region in every other world. Doesn’t matter if 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or even 7th. 😉


        • Living conditions vary. In SA like in every other country it depends on your personal means. Fortunately we are blankies, not totally poor and live at the coast, in a kinda security complex and surrounded by shopping and industrial areas. Can’t be much more convenient than this.

          Living in an inofficial settlement, otoh, without municipal services but a high murder rate, or in some godforsaken hamlet in the middle of nowhere somewhere on the platteland or in the karoo, would stink and not be so paradise-like.


          I’d be sooo so so pissed off if I had to live there. 😦
          It’s like Mars where someone fuked the terraforming. 😮


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