The “Like” Button

Gooooood morning everybody!

Well, at least for me it’s still morning, 9:44 A.M., but I have obviously no idea at what time you gonna read this … or if you read it at all. :/ Hm, in that case I’m shouting into an empty room right now, don’t I?


Thank You!

And that brings us to the topic of this blogpost, the *Like button. And what I’ll say now may sound kinda hypocritical, but look at the 4 peeps which obviously liked one of my posts. None of them is an SL resident, not as far as I know, but they did what bloggers and blogreaders usually do when they honour other blogs with their presence. I guess in blogging terms this doesn’t mean any of them did particularly like that post but these are just confirmations. “Hey, I was here, I’ve seen your shit.” All these people aren’t even blogging in my specific fields of interest, SL and Linux, but are a polyglot travel blogger, a very clever movie critic, a shrewd lawyer and a yummy cooking blogger (very tasty recipes btw). And they are the most eager peeps to confirm that they’ve read, or at least clicked at, most my posts.


Guess what I do whenever I visit their bloggies. Mhm, yep, I leave a Like. Sometimes a stupid comment but mostly just a klick on the Like symbol. Couldn’t be easier, lazier or more convenient. I do that with every blog I happen to stumble upon btw. One could argue it’s bs social gaming but for me it’s just common courtesy. Of course I leave my Likes on Inara Pey’s and Strawberry Singh’s blogs as well, eventhough they both kinda hate me. And that’s okay, Orca’s an acquired taste and not everybody is able to enjoy or stomach my selfmade English posts in their true meaning. No reason not to take note and acknowledge their blogging handiwork in return.

Fuck off!

Yes, I know as good as you that I once stated I don’t give a hoot about you reading my shit, and mostly that’s true. I’m indeed one of those weirdos who would keep on blogging to an empty world if I was the last living person/thing on Earth. I do this for my own amusement as well as to make a kinda personal diary … for future reference or sumfink. But still it would be kinda nice to know who is reading my nonsense. Are there more SL readers or are y’all GNU/Linux aficionados? Or none? The few readers I might still have only come here because I’m a has-been in the SL sailing community? Or is there some sort of real interest?

Yaya, I know what you’re thinking: A quick look into the blog statistics should give me all the info I need but … ugh, you know … it’s complex and takes time and effort.

ThumbUp4Doesn’t matter much, as I will just keep going on blogging as I always did. But – now comes Orca the hypocrit – it would be so much more enjoyable if I knew some of you did indeed read my posts all the way down so you could leave a sign of your presence.

I hate to admit it, but I would appreciate that.

*blushes rapidly, makes herself invisible and weasels out of the room in a hasty manner …

Somewhere a door slams shut!



    • I FUKN LOVE YOU!!!
      Here, good girl, have a *Like.

      And you know, I don’t even want you or anybody to comment. We only comment if and when we have something to say about a certain post, critizise it, add to it with expertise, correctify the stupid blogger, send some love/hate, ask kwestshons or whatever. If you just read a post but have no complex feelings about it, a normal *Like already goes a long way. 😉

      Thank You


  1. I gave you a like…and look, you got two more! I don’t play SL all that often, but I am a recently-converted Linux user. Btw, speaking of stats, isn’t it interesting where you get some of your views from? I’ve noticed, with increasing frequency, that some of mine are coming from .onion sites, and I have to wonder – who’s posting the links??

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s to geeky for me, Mr Dark. I see where my readers come from when WP shows it to me on the worldmap. It’s the usual people, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Brazil!!

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        • Tee hee, I know how it sounds. A girl on Linux must be a super freaky supergeek.

          But no, my reasons to join Linux were mostly politic. I always hated Microsoft and when hubby’s laptop refused to install Windows I asked him why he doesn’t try Linux. One came to the other, hubby was happy like never before and I decided to try it as well.

          Ok, gotta admit, my last job was a Unix operator and Windows user support and hardware buyer for the IT dept of my employer. So I knew a fair bit about computers but my fascination only started after I joined SL and tried to get my machine running it as good as possible and of course after I discovered Linux.
          Guess I said it before: I’m a very rare ceature, as I work and play on Linux and use it as my daily runner. Still no idea how it works underneath the hood. Alone the nomenclature is killing me. And I have mostly no idea what the geeks are talking about.

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    • Aaaaw, that’s so sweet. Thank you kindly. What you like best: Reports from SL or tek stuffz? Or radical leftwing RL politics?
      Oh, and pleez, don’t make your eyes pop out, it’s not healthy. 😮


  2. Sorry, Orca, but I am done with that “Like” button – even tried to get rid of it on my blogs, and It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccck! At least on the 1996 blog, and I hate going thru the pain of figuring it out again. I use the ‘Freebie’ WordPress so maybe it’s their way of tormenting me into spending money and/or upgrading. Anyway, I am a simple hermit – don’t do weddings, funerals, parties, family-get-togethers, ‘Gold Stars’, “Like” buttons, etc anymore.

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    • Admittedly it’s a silly game, all those likes and thumbs up and what have you. On YT I leave a Thumb for every video I watched so I can always see at first glance that I did already watchered it at an earlier occasion and don’t need to watch it again. And in the blogs, as I said, it’s more a nod of hey, I was here and visited your blog. You didn’t write into the big empty void!


      • It’s not “silly” – just me, and I have never followed or “Liked” a blog or post before your blog here. Mainly just giving you a ‘heads-up’ in case you wondered why I wasn’t hitting the “Like” button anymore. People clearly read your blog – you’re too mean and nasty to ever be writing into a “big empty void!” (SnicSnicsnicSnicker)


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