Anarchy Linux

This is of course another ArchLinux distro, like the name suggests. I stumbled upon it in some blog or the other and liked what I heard there. Is this … could it be? Maybe my personal new system of the future?

Here you go!

Reading Anarchy’s website is a bit silly. At least when you have a little bit of experience with Linux distros you get nothing new from reading this …

Anarchy – Linux

Anarchy Linux is a distribution aimed at bringing the Linux revolution to the world. We believe that Linux is the way of the future for desktop computing and provide you with a platform to install a custom Arch based operating system just the way you like. Anarchy Linux is intended for both novice and advanced users alike. Simply write the Anarchy Linux ISO to a CD or USB and boot from your computer or VirtualBox.

The Anarchy Linux ISO contains a full live system allowing you to try it before you install. The live system contains an XFCE4 desktop and software suite. The installer has support for multiple languages and offers a wide variety of configuration options. Every aspect of the install into consideration, leaving you with a fully free system, just the way you like it out of the box every time.

A lightweight semi-graphical version of the installer is also available. It can be used for a quick and easy install when a full live GUI is not necessary. Anarchy Linux is installed using a package base from the official Arch repository and also features a custom repository with additional packages.

Anarchy Linux is based on Arch Linux, but not supported.

From what I gather farther, Anarchy is the successor of Arch Everywhere. Reasons were Trademark Violations, nothing technical. So they claim.

Anarchy Linux Boot Screen
The boot screen. So far everything is alright.

Reality check for Orcsi: I downloaded the ISO and installed the OS on Gaga. Or rather, I tried to install it. Since 3 days, multiple times each day, with varying tactics and techniques. No joy, no success. I always end up with a system that won’t accept my password or looks totally different from my last installation attempt.

That shit is dead, man. 😮

Anarchy Linux Desktop
I never got this far. 😦

But I’m so curious, really wanna try it out and see Anarchy in action. Some of my dear readers equipped and in the mood to try it out … and maybe come up with the explanation for why you succeeded where Orca failed? Please help me out, guys.

Get your installation file from this link:

And this is a install tutorial, maybe I should have read it as well. :/

Anyhoo, I wish you a successful revolution!



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