Building Again


Well, rezzing one single prim isn’t really what we call “building” something, is it? No, it isn’t. Buuut it is the all important first step, the basis, the foundation! Foundation for what?, you ask. No fukn idea, but there it is. And from that basis on we can go in every direction. Maybe make a biggerer and betterer onsen. Or build a GNU/Linux information center and a Thar She Blows! blog promotion something. Oh yeah, I guess that’ll be the rough direction for me to go.

Maybe just a big wall/screen showing this blog as media on prim, and then some Linux resources, URLs for downloading the installation files. Just simple and functional. No silly wannabe editors offices that neither me nor Lucy or Trap ever gonna use. Just an info center. Cool eh? Oh, and then maybe some vendors for freebie vehicles or dunnowhat.

Guess I’m slowly foming a plan …


Trying to display this here bloggy on the red wall but forgot how to do that. Gotta google how that werkz. Little later I met Trap, who was doing hotlaps in nearby Wyrldmaker sim. She just told me I mustn’t show my blog but Porn on a Prim instead, which is much nicer!


Oh, and careful if you’re the envious type, for little Trappsy just got the latest and expensiest Fujifilm camera X-T3. Me, I can’t be bothered, am still very much in love with my sexy Canon. Yes, I am. Shut up! :/


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