Linden Realms

:/ I guess y’all know what I think of these silly games LL made there, in order to amuse younglings and give them something to do. It’s bullshit. Anyway, it’s my journalistic duty to inform you about the latest installment, as I’ve just received an email by The Lab:

That’s what n00bs want: Adventures and games!

What they want to accomplish here? Magellan Linden was already a legend when I was a n00b in early 2007. I don’t even know if he ever existed and in what capacity he made all the maps and came up with names for parts of the SL atlas. I guess this new game is in memory of him. It fits Ebbe’s disregard for SL as a virtual world.

Anyhoo, the game is afoot in Linden Realms, and if you wanna feel, like, real silly by any means, please go there and have at it!

And as always, please send your reports, experiences and photos (!!!) to Orcsi, who will make a blogstory of it. 🙂

“The game’s afoot!”



    • Good girl! Very brave. Whenever weapons are used/needed, we fair young ladies know that’s no place for us to grace with our presence. Just not worthy of our dignified attendence. :/


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