Ubuntu’s Falling from Grace

Slowly but surely even the most stubborn users notice that Canonical/Ubuntu has nothing good to offer them anymore. Look:


World famous game changer Ubuntu slipped down to #5, which is its lowest ranking since the fukn stone age. And there’s an easy explanation for it. Not only did all the  distros above it become better in the last couple years, Ubuntu got worse and shot itself in the foot by switching its desktop environment from the pretty bad Unity to the unspeakable, totally wrong for most humans, Gnome 3. Ubuntu just isn’t appealing any more. Simple as that.

Okay, let’s see what else we got: Manjaro is a cool and userfriendly kinda “curated” Arch distro, and as that conceptual gold! Unfortuntely their Mate community spin isn’t maintained very well and runsn rather unstable on the Manjaro base.

Mint is … well, it is The Linux! It’s for you and me and everyone and their  granny. It’s everything but cool and you can’t really bragg about it but it’s a super stable, easy to use dreadnought among all the Linuxes.

Elementary otoh is a total dud. I just don’t feel it, and can’t see what’s its appeal. I tested it once or twice for this blog and found it just super bad. But, yeah, that’s the good thing about Linux and the comunity: Everybody is different and I’m sure there are enough people out there who found Elementary is fitting them like a glove.

I love how MX climbed up the charts to #4. It’s an honest to the bone workhorse, and can’t set a foot wrong with its super stable Debian base. Guess I made a  writeup about that one as well.

Speaking about Gnome 3, I’ve gotta change my evaluation principles. Yes, it’s bad, it sux badly and only with glued on so-called extensions, gains some usable features and necessities. That’s for you and me and for a majority of computer users (of all systems) around the world. But … bububut fukn Gnome 3 wasn’t made for you and me and all the bilions of other desktop users who like their workflow now since 20 – 30 years, sometimes even longer. Gnome 3 follows a completely different philosphy, it’s made to be operated by keyboard, not by mouse.

I’ve just watched two YT videos which went straight above my stupid noggin, but what I got from them was like “After a long and steep learning curve and total retraining of your brain and musly memory, Gnome 3 becomes quite a usuable, fast and nifty work environment.” Somehow like that.

In so far the real Gnome 3 aficionado won’t even need those stupid extensions because when you use Gnome 3 as intended they are nonsence. Or so or something.

Well, I don’t have time for all that so can I please get on with my anti-Gnome 3 protests please?

Ok, back to my very subjective evaluation of the Top 10 in DistroWatch’s list:

#1 Manjaro is good, and was my fave distro for several years. But I’ve found a better alternative for my liking. Also Manjaro often has stability problems and a rather European minded community. With that I mean, they have little understanding for small talk and politeness and all that shit but are solely focused on solutions.

#2 Mint is all sorts of great and the most friendly and approachable Linux distribution ever. Use it!

#3 Elementary is really bad and … no and. It’s bad and must die. End of story.

#4 MX is, as already mentioned, a super stable workhorse for no-nonsense, absolutely unfashionable users. Good stuff.

#5 Ubuntu: I don’t like it, which tells you nothing. But it’s generally liked by fewer and fewer users and slowly going down. So my opinion seems not to be too far off. 😉

#6 Debian: In its most vanilla base version, as the pure Debian, it’s … no, you can’t say bad, since the Debian base is one of the bestest in the business. It’s just not very appealing and  made for expert users and grumpy old men with long grey beards. Guess why there are so many forks and spin-offs of Debian around in the Linux world. For example MX-Linux whose recent version 17 ranks slightly above its mothership.

#7 Fedora just released a new version, which is probaby the reason for the high ranking. Orca don’t like it but it got a strong fanbase during the last 75000 years.

#8 Solus has some very strong points but also some stuff that irritates Orca. Enough bad stuff to turn her away from this distro.

#9 openSUSE: Although I’m personally not a fan of KDE desktops, many people are, and SUSE is THe Posterchild for all KDE-centric distros. SUSE is a column in the Linux world since the early 90s and managed to stay on top of things by careful development and evolution instead of permanently re-inventing the wheel like other distros do from time to time.

#10 Zorin: Shit! Just shit! But obviously exactly what some users expect from their operating system. That’s why I’m glad Zorin exists. It makes Linux as a whole stronger and better and shows perfectly how everybody can find their perfect work environment in GNU/Linux.


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