Some Piracy News

… straight from the highly illegal (so they say) but oh so exciting world of content re-distribution:

Despite industry and gov’ments are clamping down on pirates in ever more deperately brutal and human rights defeating ways, the numbers show us a different picture.

See, that’s what happens when you give people tools: They will use them! And 4 out of 10 shows us it’s not just the unruly youth of today but everybody and their granny downloading their content from shady sources as well. 🙂

Is that even legal?

Errm, excuse the stupid question but why and what for did we invent the internet? For a free flow of information/data or as tool to opress people? If I was an ISP in Denmark I’d sue the gov’ment out of existence. They are threatening me to block my paying customers from access to hundreds of sites? A service my clients are paying me for! and I should be allowed to deliver, no questions asked. Because privacy! You dig? This is something that doesn’t fall in the competence and the right of  any gov’ment, something the same politicians use day in day out to criticise China and North Korea for. Something that isn’t even a political question at all. Now in its stupidity the Danish gov’ment, in an attempt to please the international content mafia, politicised a legal battle and it makes them look stupid. No kudos from me. :/

Even less appealing than the Linux Top 10. 😮

And in this graphic you can find the reason why there are only so few O@tM reviews anymore. Solo and Ant-Man were a must, I just had to watch and review them. And to a lesser extend Jurassic World too. We needed something to watch for dinner. But the rest? Oh please! 😮 Yes, I know Sicario would usually be a must for me but I was already kinda pissed off about the first one, the original, movie. And now I just couldn’t bring it over me to sit through an obviously weaker second part. Hubby was more than cool with that decision and doesn’t wanna see it neither.


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