ManjaroInsider ;)

Maybe this will get your taste buds wet.

It’s already a bit much with tek and Linux things in this blog for today, right? Sowwy 😦 But these are exciting times, particularly for when you’re a Linux user and have always one eye on the tek news. And when you then find a review about one of your most favourite Linux distros ever, well, for me it’s hard to resist giving you a link to that article. And anyway, why should I resist, why would I? Last time I checked this was my blog and I was the responsible editrix. Ergo I’m rather huge in this blog and can do whatever I fukn please in here! And today it pleases me to link you to an article by our friend Jack M. Germain, of the LinuxInsider.

The Linux distro in question is Manjaro, exactly the Beta version 7 of their next 18.0 snapshot release. Listen, I didn’t use Manjaro since more than half a year but from what Jack describes Manjaro indeed gets better and better almost every day. Well, maybe they have indeed earned their #1 spot on DistroWatch’s charts.

I like how Jack makes it clear that Manjaro, although not a beginner’s distro, is super user friendly and saves the users a lot of trouble and labour and is very usable right out of the box. That’s exactly what I always loved about Manjaro and Mint, their focus on the end user and creature comforts that is inherent in both distros. Maybe that’s why they are on #1 and #2 in the charts respectively.

Still, my recommendation stands: When you’re starting out fresh use Mint! Once you’ve made your home in Linux and know all the ropes, and have experienced and survived a few fatal crashes, feel free to widen your horizon and your pain treshold by installing Manjaro.



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