Beware of Redmontians Bearing Gifts*


It’s a trap!

Now. Okay. Hmmm, yes, it’s nice. All nice and helpful for the Linux Community … in the short term. But in the long term Microsoft is a business, one of the most fugly corporations. They wouldn’t just give shit away if it was still anything worth to them or not an investment into the future. Come on, we all know how MS failed at two very important business opportunities in its own biography: Namely the server and embedded market and everything to do with the internet. And we also know who and what rules those environments: Linux.

LookeeWatchy the vid and then THINK!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella quote on open source
They also bought GitHub a while ago. :/

I guess it’s not just a conspiracy theory but a fact that Microsoft will try its utmost to get into those markets, making use of the many clever FOSS options and implementations coming out of the Linux world. Didn’t we just witness MS becoming member of the Free Software alliance or sumsuch just recently? And now they opensource over 60k of their own patents. I guess MS’s targets are clear; Google, facebook, Amazon! Linux will be just a tool, Microsoft needs to achieve anything in that field. So once the dust has settled over the battlefield of the big corps, the brave soldier Linux will be one of the most tragic victims of the corporate war! 😦

So, now we know: They do it all just in order to PROTECT! Linux and Open Source. Oh ya, we needed exactly that sort of racketeeriprotection.

They must have some sinister plans. :/
Q: Avoid lawsuits by whom?

In other words: Microsoft won’t sue Linux, in exchange for what exactly?

The title is a joke, isn’t it?

Even The Verge, after its super mukup on YouTube is in on this hot topic:

Their reports aren’t any better than their PC building tutorials.


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