Marginalized Groups

And I thought I’ve seen everything:

… but I’ve never watched a show about quantum physics. And I probably never will.

But it’s pretty cool, come to think of it, being gay as a non-binary person. Doesn’t that mean you can fuck with pretty much every other person on the planet and always wear the super trendy GAY badge? Then that peculiar American actor turns out to be a gay douchebag and you don’t feel like being gay no more? Dunnae matter, just tell your current fuck-person (fuckee?) that whatever they may be, you’re the polar opposite. Aaaand swoosh, friggin’ wonder. Gay no more! 😉

PS: We can try and help this individual with their marginalisation in many points; we can teach them how to work their non-binary-ness to their advantage and how to turn the gay-ness on and off and tell other people how that Muslim thing has been forced on you and should at least give you 2 extra points on the victim scale. Only one attribute is so heavily portentous and marginalises its sufferer in such a bad way, it gets them way down on any value chart, even we geniuses at Thar She Blows! have to accept defeat: This person is … arrrgs, British! 😮 😦 :.(


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