Demolition … and a Oooopsie! :o

Timing is everything, they say.

So this morning I decided kinda spontanious I had enough …

… and started demolishing my garage + onsen.
Dunno why exactly but I had the feeling I’d played enough with all that shit …
… even had a cool LCC pool party in the onsen.
So all the prims had to go!
I even bulldozed the parcel …
… and rezzed my most comfy and luxurious airship.
It is snuggly, right?
Even has a security system and multimedia screen. So nifty. I guess I’m gonna live in here a while, until I get the next stupid idea I absolutely have to try.

And then I noticed a young lady standing underneath my airship, and just as I wanted to check her out (profile stalking) she IMed me and asked if that is my new home. And I was like, ya, well, now it is n stuffz. And she was like Hmmm, yeah, too bad and sent me this link …

What a cool blog/website.

Someone did indeed trubbel themselves with visiting my onsen, making a quadrillion photos and collected the LM and other data. And next day I come along and destroy everything! 😮

Look, they even made the most lovely LM TP thingy:


So that was the story of my extraordinarily cool but ultra shortlived tourist attraction. 😦


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