Google+ Shutting Down Within The Next 10 Months – Big Loss For Second Life & OpenSim Users

This story from Daniel’s blog fits my last story like ass fits bucket! 🙂

Daniel Voyager

The end of Google+ within the next 10 months

Google has officially announced that the social media platform Google+ will be shutting down over the next ten months for consumers after the recent security flaw that has exposed users private details. Apparently up to 500,000 Google+ accounts were potentially affected. Google says Google+ currently has “low usage and engagement” and that 90 percent of Google+ user sessions last less than five seconds.

Huge impact on Second Life and OpenSim Google+ communities 

This is sad news for all Second Life and OpenSim users that have been running active communities on Google+. This is very disappointing news especially for the active OpenSim Virtual community that has over 2, 000 members because it was a great resource to find out whats going on.

Anyone that uses Google+ will have to move else where within the next 10 months like onto Facebook, Reddit, Pluspora

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    • Guess I have or once had a G+ account too. Just because the ex-sailing forum owner wanted to do hangouts on there. Apart from that my only “social” actvities are my WordPress bloggo and a YT channel with hardly any content. And MS, well, whatever they do doesn’t concern me anymore. All the other stuff, Diaspora and all those “services”, I don’t even know what they are exactly. And as I don’t know that I figgered I’d have no use for that shit, ergo not a member/consumer/sheeple. =^.^=
      Feels pretty good to watch the world burn down … from a save distance.

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            • In mine too, Secretguy. I just don’t think I have it in me and am just a very rare thing: A Linux user, like a real user, trying to be productive, not necessarily a developer, maintainer or code monkey. Got no clue about that and am totally proud of the handful Arch commands I can type in the Terminal. And I’m using 4 computers, so I don’t have to dual boot or use VMs for installing a secondary system on any machine.
              Better spend a handful woolongs on an old chunk of hardware than clowning around with software hacks and tricks.

              So much for my geekness. :/

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