Congratz, Windows Users

Pheeew, lucky you! 🙂

And, this is almost too much kindness, they’ll do it for fukn free! No charge. I mean, usually one would think they would say it’s not a bug but a feature … and charge you for wanting your data back.

And now, sarcasm mode off and totally honest and earnest: The fuk you still doin’ on that sad clown system?

And in other positive news, this here:

Another mega corp has made shit. 😮

Ya ya, blaming it on the meaniepooface users, underutilizing that nonsense service; we didn’t expect anything different from you, Google. :/ Come on now, the dataleak was caused by your lacklustre administration, blaming your most devoted users for the shutdown is a dick move.

Buncha @$$wipes! 😦

Know what irritates me most about all those newnesses: The laissez fair approch by Google and MS regarding these unforgivable big time fails! These weren’t just little Oopsies. And now, to make it worse, putting the blame on the users, instead of admitting their fukup, accepting their responsibility and shame. And not doing their damned best to sort it out to the satisfastion of their users. That is bad, super bad! 😦 And evil. It kinda reminds us of the politics by western powers and their bully, NATO. They don’t try to cover up their tracks anymore, they don’t even go thru the hassle to invent new lies to tell us; it’s all so half-arsed, wibbly wobbly, neither here nor there, just shit. BTW shit, it’s exactly what we’re getting and many users are even happy if they get any kind of recognition in any way, shape or form. Poor sheeples. :/


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