Not Again, Microsoft. :o

Heyas everybody.

Linux just had/has its very own little hiskool dramallamadingdong as you’ve probably have heard. But that drama is/was caused by interpersonal jealousy, hypocrisy, and a totally superficial, uncalled for palace revolt inside the Linux hacking order. It was just some MenWomenNonBinaryThingySJWAssholes going bonkers but wasn’t caused by any systematic problems inside the Linux Kernel Code. Microsoft, otoh, has just run into problems too complicated to explain, even if I cared. But I don’t care.

Our good old friend Matthew Moore did care and even made the one or other video about MS’s latest muckup, in case you’re interested in anything Windblows:

You can watch those vids on YuuToobz

So, you’re still on Windows, you noty person you? And you wondered why the usual interference by your OS’s owner, Microsoft, didn’t happen yet? Matt will probably explain it to you … and hopefully convince you to finally come over to the good side, where the free people compute. 😉

Anyway, there are still some people’s children in existence who complain about Linux distro developers and maintainers, humbly asking for donations to their projects … while Microsoft is raking in the millions $$$ by licensing a sub-par operating system and amateurish software. :/ Peepels, it ain’t worth it. It just isn’t worth bothering about. 😦


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