Star Wars: Is Not All Lost?

Oh my, oh wow! Just when we thought Disney + LucasFilm + Abrams + Kennedy + Johnson had finally ruined our most beloved movie franchise to death, never to be resuscitated … along comes a new Star Wars live action TV show: The Mandalorian.

As we remember our famous bounty hunter characters Jango and Boba Fett were Mandalorians, and that’s pretty much all we new, all we ever needed to know about these people. And now a new Mandalorian gets his or her own TV series, which is cool, and according to my theory the only way to revive the Star Wars franchise and lead it into a productive and prosperous future: As one or more TV series, with mini story arcs and new characters, all acting within our beloved galaxy far far away.

The unfortunate Solo was aleady a shy step in that direction, but as an unneeded origin story conceptually totally wrong and doomed to fail, even if the fans hadn’t boycotted this kinda charming and quirky film.

Man or woman? It’s The Mandalorian!

And the whole thing doesn’t reek like a cheap way to cash in but seems to be a well-planned operation. Alone the list of directors is a thing of beauty: revealed the photo along with a list of directors for the show. They include Star Wars alum Dave Filoni, who’ll direct the first episode, as well as Deborah Chow (Jessica Jones), Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok).

Executive producer and writer for The Mandalorian is none else than Jon Favreau. People, this could be – apart from being SW’s last hope – also a good thing in general. I’m particularly looking forward to Dave Filoni headed episodes, as he managed to turn the low brow anime series Star Wars Rebels into a really cool adventure series. His cartoon figures had more believable character traits and backstories than most characters in the saga movies. And it fitted very smoothly into the general saga as well. Not hamfisted and illogical like Episodes VII and VIII. I guess I said it before how I wished he would helm a similar thing, just as live action. And now he does it!

Add to that Bryce Dallas Howard (we all fondly remember her ability to run real fast on high heels through the Jurassic Park) and the new shooting star director Taika Waititi and my wish seems to become a reality!

Star Wars Rebels is best Star Wars!

Well, that’s all I know, as it is all io9, my source, knows about The Mandalorian. But I guess I can promise you already it’s gonna be exciting. If positive or negative, well, we just have to wait and see how it turns out. But with that amount of talent behind the camera, and obviously a fresh cast of nobodies in front of the lens, I have a good feeling about this. =^.^=

And now we’re ruined our eyes with all that reading. So let’s lookie a widdioh!


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