No KDE Linux in Orca’s Blog!

Yeah, that’s true and will stay true.

No, you don’t have to convince me about KDE’s superiority over all the other Desktop Environments, I know it’s better and gives the users the most customization options. Still I don’t like it. It’s too busy for me and my humble needs and expectations. And there is always more than just one way to get a specific task done. The KDE desktop is redundant, and if I hate one thing in particular it’s redundancy! I hate a desktop that demands attention and is always shouting, like “Look! Look here, what I can do!” I expect my operating system and its desktop to do its job as silent and discreet and reserved as possible. And KDE is quite the contrary to that approach.

Still I install KDE environments from time to time. I don’t play with them, I don’t work in them, I don’t review them. I just install them on MiniMe, so hubby finds always fresh new KDE desktops when he’s over here in my study. Ain’t I nice?

Last KDE system I had installed for him was Nitrux, an interesting thing with an quite alternative KDE desktop …

A screenshot of hubby’s desktop on Nitrux Linux

As always was hubby not very forthcoming with infos or helpful product testing on his lovely waifu’s behalf but only mumbled something about “yeah is okay-ish” in his scrubby grandfather’s beard. What a fukn hipster my man is. 😮

Nitrux offical entry on DistroWatch

Now, just a couple days ago Ubuntu released the beta version of upcoming Ubuntu 18.10 … and with it all the “official” Ubuntu side projects released the 18.10 Beta as well. Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE … and Kubuntu as well! Mhm, sounds interesting. Not for me but for hubby. His old Acer lappy is still on Kubuntu 14.04 that will reach its EOL soon, very soon, in April 2019 to be exact. So Kubuntu 19.04 will definatly replace his old warhorse on his lappy. There is no way around that since he can’t install any other Linux on his stupid hardware. Dunno what went wrong but his lappy accepts *buntu distros exclusively. Not even the closest family members, Mint, Lite and few others will work. Quite a disappointment since I’ve heard Manjaro KDE is super, and I expect Namib KDE will be cool as heck. And then there is the fashionable and smooth KaOS and also KDE Neon causes quite a stir lately. But not possible for hubby on his stupid ass Acer hardware. That’s why he had to test the nice Nitrux distro on MiniMe in my office.

Kubuntu’s official website

Why didn’t we just put MiniMe in the lounge, onto his desk? Pff, that thing can’t do wifi and needs to be plugged into the modem. And that modem resides on my desk a couple meters and 2 or 3 internal walls removed from hubby’s office. Doesn’t matter, I love having hubby over so he can work here while I snore happily on the sofa behind him.

Anyhoo, now Kubuntu’s 18.10 Beta is out and I have it installed …

This is Kubuntu 18.10 Beta, freshly installed, without altering and customizing shit yet. I know hubby will add his magic touch to it until he’s kinda happy. He has to be, since there is no other way than Kubuntu 19.04 for him in the nearer future. Of course he could always order a better laptop but do you have any idea about how stubborn that guy is?

Please don’t expect to hear much – or anything at all – about Kubuntu or any other KDE stuff anytime soon. :/


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