Phuck RL!

Oh my. :/

Okay, me at the club this morning, like almost every morning. All good and fine. Now coming out of the club, planning to shop some groceries, pay telephone bill, run some more errands, then home and starting the blogging day. Cool.

Only …

Mukn Oubaas won’t start. 😮 Tried all the tricks, asked 3 guys to push the van back and forth, so maybe the starter motor engages with the ignition … but no joy. 😦
So, taxi to my mechanic, who drives back with me to the gym. He tries to start the fukn van but fails same as me. His diagnosis: Starter motor burned out, Oubaas going nowhere, calling a flatbed car transporter. I stay with the van and camp out with some breakfast sandwiches and drinkies.
After quite a while the car transporter arrives, loads up Oubaas and …
Oubaas is defeated! 😦 Riding home like a bitch on some lorry’s back isn’t what I had planned for my cultish van.

Ok, now we have quite the long, grounded weekend. On Monday the mechanic will come around to our place, take out the starter motor and take it away for repair. No idea how long that will take. 😮 Shiiit. 😦




  1. They still repair starters there? I remember my dad doing that…taking out brushes and rebuilding it. These days here in the US of A you go to the parts box store and buy one, which will not last as long as a rebuilt one, if it was done correctly

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    • Oh Lez, I guess that’s pretty much the same hereabouts, at least if you happen to be driving a brandspanking new BMW or one of the many many same same Japanese, Korean, Chinese cars or one of those itsy bitsy tiny vehicles out of south east asia. Unfortunately that’s what the general populace is driving hereabouts, if they can afford it or not.
      With a bonafide oldtimer like my Transit, and no spare parts available, repair becomes a necessity tho. And I’ve heard from the experts at the Early Ford Cars Club that those starters don’t even need a real repair but mostly just a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately mine seems to be burned out, so repair it is. 😦 There exists a whole industry around stuff like that. countless small workshops catering for very specific parts of automotive engines, turbos, injectors, carburetors, exhausts, shocks, electrics, all those very tiny fractions of cars are handled by pundits. And don’t ask an electronic injection guy if they can repair your carburetor, they won’t have a clue about that.

      Far as I know Ford South Africa never officially built the Transit but only assembled them form parts sent over from the UK. They didn’t even stamp a VIN number in.


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