Remember the Intel Hades Canyon NUC?

Yes? Cool. So maybe you also remember how I fangirled about that nifty little super computer. Here, here, and here as well as here. And also here and there.


And now The Tech Chap YT channel made yet another video about this smart little machine. Dunno if that guy spent first half of the year under a rock or in a coma or is just a fukn slowpoke. Doesn’t really matter since he’s showing us how easy it is to turn this barebones PC into a fully functioning machine. It’s really like totally simple! So don’t be afraid sisters, this machine is worth dipping your feet into your new state of self-reliance and self-determination and independence … and freedom!

Look this:

That computer is as good as complete, you just add 1 or 2 sticks of RAM and two M.2 SSDs and Bob’s your uncle.


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