Remember the 90s anybody? Best time in anybody’s lifes, right? Also the birth, rise and fall of a very nice new Operating System, a new MacOS that wasn’t to be but became a shortlived project, called BeOS. I’ve never installed it, had better things to do than wasting my free time with computers. Anyway, it was supposedly the bomb, very friendly and super fast. And now it’s dead.


But wait, there are some fraggles who snapped up the remnants of BeOS, renamed it HAIKU and kinda transported it into the modern world. And after only 6 years or so, they finally went from Alpha to a new fangled Beta version, which they just released a couple days ago. Look, Lunduke made a video about it (in which he also tells us how HAIKU came to its name):

You kinda already know what’s going to follow now,  right? Of course Orca couldn’t keep her excitement and was already downloading the ISO file while watching the video …

And? No photos, Orca? No comment on your personal experiences and your toughts about this “new” system? Particularly since you were last seen complaining about the lack of new Linux distros you wanna install?

Yes. No. Kidz, really. I was so prepared to install HAIKU, play around with it for some minutes and then damn it to hell or be totally excited about it and ask all my readers (all two of ’em) to try HAIKU out themselves. So no unwilingness on my side, quite the contrary. As I said, I had the install file already in my download folder before Bryan’s video was finished.

But then … the computer booted really superfast and I was greated by the HAIKU desktop. Without any icon that indicates an option to install HAIKU on my hardware. :/ And the mouse, all my mouses, lagging to hell and back … and menus in windows do nothing. 😮

I had to reboot Gaga – on which I wanted to install the system – a couple times – but no joy, no way to install HAIKU. 😦 Now I can’t even show you screenshots of my fail. Will try it again … maybe tomorrow. This HAIKU ain’t dead for me yet. Must get it installed and give it a fair fighting chance.

Your future OS?


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