\o/ Pool Party! \o/ With LCC, SFC and Rockin’ DJane Bluesy Blue!

Ahoy LCC sailors, and [please fill in whatever flyers are using as greeting formula] flyers, pilots, sky captains, flight attendants, stewardesses and cabin girls of the Skywards FC.

Pool Party!!! But only handful of bold dancers went into the water.

I’m writing this slightly hung over and, like, totally overtired, after the party crowd had invaded – and left again – OrCafé’s successor, the OrcOnsen. After concerns by some partyers that my humble little bath house might be much too small to host the combined masses of not one but two partyhungry clubs it turned out as half bad and we never even came close to reaching the critical mass.

Filled to capacity? Pff…

Even when the party was at its fullest, each individual had more than enuff private space to dance and pogo … and drown in the pool.

My old friend, the very tall (for 2018) Helene Lytton came by and stayed throughout the whole party.

That’s why I tried to lure everybody into the pool where we could rub our hot bodies closer together and enjoy the cleansing and healing effects of the hot lava fed onsen water. Unfortunately most partyers prefered to stay on the hi and dry, just shy of the pool.

Katz are afraid of the water? Not so our Kittensusie, the cruising heroine in her scuba mask. Perfect!

But we had an overall enjoyable time, without any scandals and fisticuffs and pub brawls. And that with the always fighting Orca as hostess. A friggin’ wonder! 🙂

DJane Blue first was a bit confused and put out her stuff and started the set in the garage underneath the onsen where she played for 2 or 3 of her groupies. Nobody told her about the nature of this sunday party.

Can you believe it? I even stayed kinda cool when a Ukrainian/American tried to lure me into a political discussion … in IM ffs. As hostess I prefer not to chat privately but stay approachable and open for everybody in local chat.

No idea on what boat/plane that gundam was cruising to the party., We find the full body tattoed lady in front much more interesting, do we not?

So all in all I can say the party was a success. Not as exciting and hothothot as planned but when ppl don’t wanna get wet it’s their decision, their loss. Nobody tried the couples anims in the small pool and the bath tub, everybody was like afraid to touch anything. 😮

Helene and Orca and a bunch of water shy party guests.

Blue, on the other hand, honoured her name and  gave us another of her fabled guitar heavy bluesy rocking sets. That lady has the guts for the blues!

I wanted to see all of those people getting wet and slippery. But they didn’t do me the favour. :/

At least the good old Trap was at the party as well. She was wearing a very white bikini, which looked spookily good on her very pale skin and ultrablonde hair. Norse nobility!

Ya, and that’s pretty much all there to say about this LCC/SFC Sunday party. And now I gotta pack my shit together and get into the pool … an RL one this time, at my local, fitness club. Cya kidz laterz. And thx for coming to the partayyyy…


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