Oh Linux, What to Do With You?

Short answer: Nothing.

That’s it, kthxbai, cya laterz …

LOL! No, wait. Suffice it to say nothing much is gonna change in the Linux world pretty soon, so you should be good to go on for quite some time. Look, my pretty very much up-to-date ArchLinux distro is on Kernel version  4.18.10.

Namib GNU/Linux is basically an Arch system and like totally up to date

This represents the status quo of kernel development, the moment Linus himself dropped out of the Kernel dev group. End of the line. For Orca and all other Arch aficionados. But now look at your own Ubuntu and Mint and what else you have distros. Until their Kernels catch up to Arch and other speedy rolling type distros might take months, maybe even years … or never gonna happen at all. It’s all a bit vague right now. Maybe there are still enough good oldfashioned coders left in the Kernel developers group to keep the ball rolling and provide us with good quality Kernels also in the future. Maybe Linus with have pity on the community and mutter a couple Fucks and grab back the power as benevolent dictator and deliver top quality code as usual.

Folks, there is no reason for panic. Concern, yes. Panic, no!

This, this … thing has never written a single line of code for the Kernel but is almost singlehandedly responsible for the recent crisis!

The amount of toxicity these creatures possess is a thousand times stronger than what Linus in his innocence could ever conjure, even if he was the least bit interested in those childish power games.

Oh, they do a lot and are always busy … but not with producing useful code. 😦
Instrumental in bringing down the house.

Hey, I’m open and tolerant for nearly everything but let me at least make an observation and come to my own conclusions pleez? And now look at the next miscarriage making a name for itself in the techy community: Sage Sharp.

Whoa! The problem seems to be more severe than I assumed, and coming from a corner I’ve never taken any seriously. SJWs. Always thought they are just a loud minority without any influence or anything to contribute to society. But I’ve totally underestimated the aggro approach to bend the world to their unstable minds.

Was that really so bad of Linus, stating he only cares about the Kernel and has no time for these people?

Why do they all have to emerge from Portland?

But my reason for writing this blogpost is on a different level of not knowing what to do. I’m actually running out of Linux distros I just have to and  want to test out. Last interesting “new” Linux release that recently came out was KDE Neon, but not even that really grabbed me by the non-existing balls. It’s just a mainly empty Kubuntu. And I’m known for not catering KDE type distros. Everything else shiny new on the circuit are nothing more than other Ubuntu forks and sideshows. And none of them coming even close to the quality and usability of Mint. So why bother?

Just the latest releases. There are more equally boring distros lurking underneath the cut …

And after these 4 new releases we can find fedora29 Beta and Linux Lite 4.2. And, very freaky, pfSense 4.2.2, a BSD system for routers. Yeyeye. :/ Hmmm, not very appealing, just new versions of the same old systems. So, please, just because you don’t get to read about many new Linuxes on this shitty blog, doesn’t mean Orca’s turned her back on Linux. She’s got herself well-established in Linux and has no intentions to ever swap back to Windows. To be perfectly honest I’d rather buy a new Mac before crawling back to Redmont.

But that’ll be the day when the lights go out in the Linux world. And that’ll never happen. Because the community is not entirely made up from Coralines and Sages but is so big now, Linux has a lot of power and inertia and is a self-powering, self-recreating organism by now. So, all things considered, we’ll never ever have to use neither Windows nor MacOS ever again.

Linux is damned sexist! Or was that damn sexy? Hmm…

Ok, ok, I know how it looks. Linux boys plastering their desktops with photos of hot girls. Must be sexist male dominated shit full of masculine toxicity. But I guess you can find the same amount of selfmade fapping material on Win and Mac desktops too. Any SJWs ever complained about the male dominated company campuses in Redmont and Cupertino? And anyway, nobody’s forcing you to download and use those wallpapers yourself! And I can assure you that neither Linus nor any members of the Kernel dev team, nor any distro maintainers have anything to do with low-level creation of simple wallpapers.

Let’s leave it at that for now.


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