Nice Little Eager Orcsipoopsie :)

I’ve sent my secretary/avie/alter ego/virtual representation in world to fiddle some more with the onsen and make it a tolerable party place. This is what she came up with …

To get away from the same old Half Life wood textures she built the un-dressing stalls …
… as well as the pool internals from various bamboo planking, making use of this material’s natural antibacterial attributes. So don’t complain about having cought athlete’s foot in Orca’s cleanly onsen!

I trust everybody has their wearable dance machines, right? Or must I install a very old and bad one for everybody? And your sexy sunglasses and heels at the ready? Remember every bishie’s first pool party rule law: Bikinis are optional, goggles and stilettos are compulsary!

No bishie is complete without a pair of goggles!

Last one without heels and glasses ain’t no real bishie!!! 🙂


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