It’s Time to Fight Back!

SJWs. You know them. Yes, those idiots who are now destroying Linux (maybe paid by Microsoft?). Don’t they always claim they are so oppressed by … by whatever comes to mind. Gender, patriarchy, reason, logic, meritocracy. You name it, some or the other SJW was or actually is right now oppressed by it. Those poor little babies. 😦

Good to know where to get the really good stuff. At RT of course. Where else?

Know what?

I shit on them! Talking about oppression without rhyme or reason or evidence (because who needs evidence when feelings are so much more worth than hard cold facts?) doesn’t go down smooth with me. Nor with anyone else above a certain level of intelligence. So let’s fight back and oppress the SJWs. I mean like really oppress them. Not just a little but with, like, real pressure!

Let’s start with this video by ICYMI:

And then … and then, hm. :/ I was just about to say “Let’s fuk ’em in the æſſ until they can’t even scream no more!” But, ugh, noes. These persons are too unsavoury – and probably too unhygienic too – to fuk with.

Oh, btw, some of you might be wondering why  there is no word about the latest scandal in Linux to hear and read in this bloggy. Is Orca not on Linux anymore? Peepels, don’t fret, Orca’s on top of the situation, meaning she knows exactly as much or as less as the next person. And I know all the speculations and theories about the future of Linux and … exactly: All we have are theories and rumours and very little facts. And your editrix ain’t gonna partake in the rumour mill. I’ll report as soon as I have some better and real believable good old fashioned facts. Not a second earlier.

You can get your fill about SJWs and Linus Torvalds and the Linux foundation in the YuuToobz. But please leave me alone with that shit. Don’t get me wrong: I am concerned, properly concerned and afraid. And I know these latest happenings concern us all. Not just the handful proper Linux desktop users but also the whole freakin’ internet, which runs mostly on Linux, and your Android phones and what do I know.

Not a jerk, just an aspergers sufferer.

All I know, all anyone knows, is that Linus Torvalds himself has taken a break from the Linus Kernel development group. For personal reasons, to learn how to be a nicer person and don’t put the code above everything and learn that SJW’s feelings are more important than the code and that feeling insulted is a human right and and and …

I guess he just was pissed off by SJW attacks on his person.

No idea how all that will play out in the long run. The next kernel might be ok … or total crapola because some green haired girl ex-boy persons without any totally overvalued coding skills had to be allowed to contribute to the code as well. 😮  And now we don’t  have a Linus to tell them politely to fuk off. That’s all so sad.

Orcas got no problem  with SJWs killing themselves off.

Nevertheless it’s no reason neither to throw away your iso files and crawl back to Windows. If it ever comes to that you’ll hear about it.

From me.

In this blog.

I hope he’s just joking.

Okay, the seismic activities of the SJW quake are already making waves …

Don’t give up man … ugh, too late. 😮

That’s all about this very disturbing chapter in the history of Linux you’ll get from me … for now.



    • Yeah, most of us adult persons were confuzzlerized by this development. Particularly we Eurotrash people can’t understand what’s going on in in Linux’ upper echelons. Because we wouldn’t expect any other behaviour from a totally mono-focussed single-minded geek. Only in America, where politeness is somehow lifted to a level of unproductive importance, and in times of SJWs, Linus’ behaviour and character could ever become a topic.

      But Linus is back now, so humanity is saved. 🙂

      And no, I don’t use Linux specifically for Second Life. Although SL, like most games seems to run a bit smoother than under the resource hogging Windows. Hubby and me both switched to Linux in around 2013 I guess. Our reasons were technological (hubby’s lappy refused to install Windows) and, at least for me, political. Yeah I guess I made my first Linux posts in 2013.

      Unfortunately I had to delete all photos from 2015 and 2016 since I ran out of storage space on WordPress. 😦 But nothing will make me ever going back to Blogspot. Google can keep their spyware for themselves, thankyouverymuch.

      And, yes, I can assure you SL ain’t dead, it just smells funny. Usage might be on an all-time low and it appears as if nothing is going on, but coming to think of it, SL was never a real lifely place. There is no street life as such but events are well-visited and always going on. Particularly the stupid commercial ones like Hair Fair and similar trade fairs.

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