Africa is a Very Dangerous Place!

Quite contrary to Australia, which is just, wait for it … kangarous. 🙂 LOL! 🙂

Anyhoo, here you can see an example of how deadly Africa can be to harmless little birdies:

We all know who’s responsible for this.

Found this deaded little fella on my way back from running errands. So of course I’m like totally suspicious of the local kitty gang.

Yeah, he and his gang.

And, as typical for those shifty creatures, all the cats in the hood acted like totally inconspicuous and were like: “Wasn’t me. Dunno wut yu talkin bout hooman.”

“Wot, me?”

Hey fokkers, I’m keeping my eyes on you! And I’ll find ya, wherever you hidin’ …


… and I’m gunna use you as footwarmer!!! :/



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