*EDIT* The Mostest Importantest Landmark!!! *EDIT*

At least for this Friday Sunday, the 30th of Septembah!

Oh, and of course only if you are membah of the Leeward Cruising Club, the Skyhigh Flying Club, the Roadward Crusing Club (or so) and/or if you happen to be a reader of this poor little bloggy, or if you know anyone who is or whatever.

Anyhoo, here’s the promised important LM. It beams you directly to this place!

That place here:

That’s Orca’s worldfamous Onsen’s entrance, just through the blue noren in the wall.

I showed you all the possible ways inĀ  how to attack Orca’s place in earlier posts, ultimately you’re supposed to end up here. I’ll make some cubicles to undress/redress in, in case you’re shy or Christian or whatever …

Orca’s a busy little builder, isn’t she?

Oh, and also …


I didn’t even notice she was gone but now our friend Rosie’s got her name added to the Sailors memorial @ the Fastnet Lighthouse. This group message by Kittensusie just came via the LCC group:

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that Rosie Nitely‘s name has now been added to the memorial stone erected next to the lighthouse in Crows Nest, so please come and pay your respects to our friend, thank you.


Please come and pay your respects when you have a minute to spare. And don’t be totally sad, let’s rather be happy for the good times we could spend with Rosie.



    • Hoohoo!
      Let me make a nifty video about how it’s done … or at least how Orca does it. Should be online in, like, half an hour or so …


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