Hai Ho!

Always when things go swimmingly and are all goodygood, and my only concern as this blog’s editeuse, is to kinda fill these pages with some sorta content … then is the right time for the fates to throw some sticks between my legs and make me stumble and fall.

Sounds good, right? Yummyum! 😉

See, always since I ditched my Googly blog and switched operations over to WordPress, and got used to it, I feel good and homely on this blog system. Of course I wished for some more editorial freedom, more templates, more beauty and less ugly and most of all more storage space for my quite picture heavy bloggy, and yadda yadda yadda … but all in all I’m happy like a … like a happy person since I’d left my Blogspot blog behind.

Anywayoh now Automattic, the owners of WordPress, came up with a new editor with lots and lots of stuffz to do and to influence the looks of your blog and all the good stuff. Name of that editor software plugin is Gutenberg. How lame. :/

Still gotta fill in all the white spots with words and illustrations and photos and videos and tables and all that shit we call content.

\o/ YAY! \o/

Or nay?

I haven’t tried it yet. But from what I hear it’s quite the mess, needlessly complex, and maybe a bit too much, maybe too full of goodies for what the normal blogger wants and needs. Let’s consider we bloggers are mostly content providers, storytellers, photogs, artists, reporters, 3D carbon based RL ambassasadors of our 2D virtual reality avatars, whatevers. What we aren’t, or at least not in 99.9999% of all cases, are professional layouters and software engineeers! Because then we’d just rent some server and build our blogs ourselves, wouldn’t we?

Careful when clicking, this site don’t like your AdBlocker. 😦

Anyway, just read this confession in Amanda Magick’s blog:

I assume Amanda is technically better and more geeky than me. 😮

And now, please, have a look at this, the new “blocks”, whatever they are:

I don’t even like to look at those black blobs. 😦

Come on! What is this? Image, Gallery, Cover Image? Fuk, I just wanna show a photo if I may! Can I please do that? Only thing I take as a positive from that new – and for now voluntary – experience is that I assume you need some kind of decent screensize to do all the fancy new editing stuff, so fukn stupid smartphones are out of the equation. The PC’s not gonna die, not on my watch! No sir!

We aren’t little Twitter twats. We are longform bloggers FFS!

But prepare yourself for seeing some badly messed up blog entries in here in the nearer future.

Hmmm, some YouTubers are also sceptical it seems:


Anyway, gotta watch some vids and get myself informed now. Cya laterz …



One comment

  1. YES… this….. Sometimes I do my whole blog post in html. In this new editor each paragraph is its own block and you have to figure out what to do with each block. This is F-ing insane. It might be fine for the regular webpage… wait no its not fine. SO far everything about the new editor makes me scream and I looked at it closely…. this idea of theirs needs a lot of work. I think I will stay inside my admin dashboard thanks. I don’t even like the visual editor that have right now other than the different ways you can add pictures that look nice. But this new Gutenburg is a nightmare.

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