And There I Was …

… wondering why and how I got to the gym so fast and quick today, and why all the neighbour’s cars were still in the parking lot when I returned …


Today is Heritage Day! Aha, okayyyy … So I understand there is no historical reason for Sep 24 to be a holiday, they just made it up for fun and giggles, and gave it a dignified name coz … of course everybody wants to be proud of their African Heritage, whatever that means. I bet if I go out and ask some of my neigbours, nobody would be able to tell me exactly. I mean, aren’t we all Africans deep inside? Scatterlings of Africa? But as it so happened some of us mutated and turned pale when we migrated to less nice climate zones.

Nobody knows and nobody cares about their African Heritage, but everybody will be busy marinating the steaks and boerewors and preparing the grills and stocking up on liquors and beers and getting ready for a nice day full of song and dance and drink and pub brawls! At least 10 teenagers will die in senseless hispeed car crashes or drug related incidents tonight in Cape Town alone. Yeah, it shapes up to become actually is a very good sunny early spring day today! Let’s celebrate our African Heritage! 🙂

Just snapped this snapshot like 2 minutes ago in our garden, Ain’t it nice?


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